Friday, June 15, 2012


IT IS TIME TO PAY ATTENTION. Therefore, I hereby announce that I am ending my write-in campaign for President. I am doing this because the man I chose for my Vice-President, current "president" Barack Hussein Obama, is such a nincompoop that he must be voted completely out of Federal office.

Honestly, folks. The last speech he gave was just pathetic. The same old "blame Bush" bullcrap about "cleaning up the mess". What is he, Janitor in Chief? He hasn't been cleaning up any mess, he's been compounding it. And Bush is just one of his many lame excuses.

He made a big deal of the "headwinds coming out of Europe", a reference to the troubles in the Euro zone.  COME ON! Remember 1997, when the "Asian Tigers" of Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore had a financial meltdown? Sovereign bonds were reduced to junk status, and governments fell. And the United States prospered. Remember how gasoline briefly fell to under a dollar a gallon for the first time in almost twenty years?  A competent (and Nationalist) President would know how to work the woes of Europe to the advantage of these United States. The "European Economic Community" and the Euro were, after all, touted as competition to the United States and the Dollar.

Yes, a competent President would know how to strike bargains in return for helping the beleagured peoples of Europe out of their situation; bargains which would provide maximum advantage for the United States. But we don't have a President.

We have an incompetent nincompoop (and this would be redundant if we were not talking about Obama. The expression is sort of like "stupid idiot") of a "president" who believes the solution is for us in the USA to share the suffering with our "brothers" in the rest of the world.  This has always been the view of the Statist left, that "equality" means the equality of abject misery among the hoi-polloi; while the elite leaders fly miles above it sipping champagne and having their every need catered to while they discuss how to equalize the misery of all the peasants below.

Obama and the Demonrat Left hear the death-bell of their regime ringing, and they are becoming desparate. Attorney General Eric Holder (whose rear end Congress is ravaging over his attempt to quash the Second Amendment via the "Fast and Furious" gun giveaway) is suing Florida because Florida is trying to eliminate vote fraud.

And today Obama violated his Oath of Office by stating that he would order the Federal government to cease deporting illegal aliens and instead give them work permits.  Rush Limbaugh called this "Catch, Release, and Vote".

"Hope and Change" was a brilliant political slogan. It invited anyone and everyone to fill in the blank as to what their own private hope was and whatever change they had in mind. The trouble is - as Obama and his leftist pals are finding out - that these hopes and wishes, spread out over millions of voters, are contradictory.

Obama and the Democrat Party are in a position analogious to that of Max Bialystock in "The Producers"; where Bialystock sold a couple dozen rich old ladies fifty percent shares of a play, intending to pocket the money and produce a bomb. The analogy cracks up, though, because the "old ladies" who bought shares of Obama are also cast members of the play he wants to bankrupt.

Paychecks are due in November.

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