Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well, gentle reader, before we start here, perhaps you should open this blog in a separate window and type in "Obamacare".  This will bring up every article we have posted here on this subject.

There is a post in there wherein I warned that Obama and his henchmen would sell this as a "mandate and fee" and use the Interstate Commerce Clause as justification; but when that wouldn't fly they would claim in court that it is a TAX and authorized by the 16th Amendment.

I warned that they used a very sneaky parliamentary maneuver to hide the fact that it is a TAX bill, which after all must originate in the HOUSE, by taking a HOUSE TAX BILL concerning homeowner credits or some such, and "amending' it by stripping out every single word of the original language and inserting the Senate's language - to wit, Obamacare - and approving it and sending it back to the House. That way they could have the media referring to it as the "Senate healthcare bill" when actually it was a HOUSE TAX BILL after all. And most folks would assume it was a Senate bill and therefore could not be a tax bill at all.

My own Senator Mark Warner even outlined this chicanery in a FAQ about the Obamacare bill.

Today's Obamacare opinion confirms this. The justices rejected the Interstate Commerce Clause as justification but since the bill originated in the HOUSE as a TAX BILL, they just went that route.

What is truly appalling is that conservative Justice John Roberts sided with the four whacko liberal justices to make this a five to four decision. Does someone among Obama's henchmen have photos of Roberts molesting a Cub Scout? Huh?

Well, I'm sure the RNC has their best people working on it. Meanwhile, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop TOLD you this was going to happen. And it just did.

To put it like Rush would, you see, we told you so.

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