Saturday, June 2, 2012


Since our last message regarding our campaign for President of the United States, we seem to have picked up a fourth reader. So we just want to recap:

I am running as a write in candidate for the Presidency. My candidacy is aimed aat those who know that voting Obama in for another four years would be to invite irreparable damage to the Republic, but who nevertheless cannot bear to appear "racist" for voting Obama out of D.C..  This problem I have solved by advising you all to write in Obama's name with mine in your write-in votes as your choice for vice-President.

As I have said, I have promised to run this campaign solely out of this blog, and I will accept NO donations from ANYONE. This has already had a salutory effect on the economy, as monies that might otherwise be donated to me have instead been spent on those things that might just turn things around.

Now, as far as what I will do when elected:


I will immediately inform the world that an attack on the Nation of Israel will be considered an attack on the United States, and will be responded to with an overwhelming and disproportionate response. The use of nuclear weapons is by no means unthinkable.

I will make it clear to our friends that they are protected and to our enemies that they need to back down before we blow them into the Stone Age.

As in any other decision I make, the interests of the United States of America will be the beginning and end of any considerations.


I will present a plan, outlined elsewhere on this blog, to phase out Social Security and other "entitlement spending". (Government pensions, Federal worker's compensation, and Veterans' benefits being part of the contract our federal employees and military personnel signed onto, these will not be touched.) I will aim to accomplish this in such manner as to ensure that persons currently depending upon or about to become dependent on these programs recieve their full benefits, with the option of recieving a lump-sum payment in lieu of benefits being dispensed over time.

Since about 40% of Federal spending is done with borrowed money, I will order all cabinet members (except defense) to cut their budgets by 2/5ths. If they do not do this, I will fire them and find people who can.

I will do whatever is necessary and proper to oversee the present tax code's replacement with one that every American engaged in productive work can understand, and further ensure that there is one rate for everyone. The first $60,000 of income will be tax-exempt; and everything over that will be taxed at a rate of 15%. Corporate taxes will similarly be simplified. And no longer will the Federal government be able to shove people into the behavior the government wants by overtaxing those who do not comply.  Federal sales taxes will be imposed on some items, and the whole gist of my tax policy (and regulatory policy) will be to get the Federal government out of the way of those who want to create wealth.

My aim will be to have a tax code that enables Dad to work and Mom to stay home and raise the kids, instead of having both parents needing to work to pay the tax burden. The more families that have a situation like that, the better off our Republic will be.

Any person found to be in this country illegally will be deported forthwith, except that those accused of crimes will be deported after they have completed the sentences for their crimes. The sole consideration for deportation will be the immigration status of the deportee. And if such deportee has children who were born in the United States, then if the children are minors the parents may place them for adoption with natural-born citizens. Otherwise the "anchor babies" will not be considered United States Citizens.

I will require every new law passed by Congress to be accompanied by a statement citing the part of the Constitution authorizing it. And if in my opinion this requirement has not been met, or if I object in any manner to the bill; even if it has passed a veto-proof majority in both Houses I will veto it and send it back, and even if the veto is overridden it will be plain that the Congress is shoving the bill down the throats of the public.

I will order the re-opening of Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest and E Street, Northwest between 15th and 17th streets. I will urge Congress  to do the same on Capitol Hill. After all, if we are doing our jobs right, then the People are our defense and not our enemies.

This is just a partial list.  I'd be more extensive, but I have to work for a living. Oh, speaking of that, I won't be going on "vacation" every other week, either. Vice President Obama can take that chore. Other than apologizing to our enemies, the thing Barack does best is vacation like there's no tomorrow.



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