Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yesterday and last night I worked the sixth Presidential Inauguration of my career (I was temporarily absent from the job from late 1979 to mid-1994 during which I worked as a private detective, a loss-prevention detective at a now-defunct department store chain, a short-order cook and a regional courier). I worked 2nd Clinton, 1st and 2nd G.W. Bush; 1st and 2nd Obama, and now the first Administration of Donald J. Trump. 

The crowds were nowhere near as big as the Obama inaugurations were; but that's no surprise since we conservatives all have jobs and responsibilities. Also, elements of the Left had promised - and delivered - a completely unhinged response to having to see their fantasy of stealing America crash and burn. 

Nevertheless, I did run into several very nice families. One family of four - from Chattanooga, Tennessee - was really nice. Two boys, the oldest one of which was 13 years old and about 5' 11" tall and growing. Polite and well behaved, and best of all great tippers. There were a couple of families with seven and eight kids; whom I could not accommodate as I operate a wheelchair van with a big open space where the third row of seats would be. But I did have some nice conversation with them as we waited for a regular van to show up on the Metro. Sometimes I wish I'd married and had a family like those; but I'm too much of a Gypsy, I suppose. 

Having worked three Republican inaugurations and three Democrat inaugurations I can tell you this: REPUBLICANS TIP MUCH BETTER, AND TEND TO PAY IN CASH. One couple going to Gadsby's Tavern gave me 40 bucks for a ten dollar fare. On the other hand, a group of three Democrat protesters gave me $13.00 for a $12.75 fare, and on a fucking card at that. 

These Democrat protesters were women wearing stupid-ass pink knit caps with pointy "cat ears". I saw a lot of these types. If it dresses like a nitwit, it's probably a Democrat. 

But most of my fares were ordinary common folk who had one thing in common: seeing Barack Hussein Obama get on a Marine helicopter and disappear over the horizon was to them a sign of the "hope and change" which Obama promised to deliver and which by his departure finally did. 

Now I need to go out and work the crowds coming back from such idiot events as the "Million' (more like 400) 'Woman March". Busy, busy, busy. Every group with a bone to pick or an axe to grind comes here to do it. 

Oh well. Business is business. It's not like I don't need it.

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