Saturday, January 14, 2017


And it's a joy to behold. The American Statist Progressives (ASPs, because they're a bunch of snakes); having failed to bring down Trump during the General Election are now putting out stuff they sat on during the election in hopes of somehow forestalling the upcoming Inauguration or at least weakening Trump to the point of ineffectiveness. 

All kinds of stuff, from allegations that Trump go-betweens met in - London, we think it was alleged - to coordinate the (non-existent) "Russian hack of the election" with Putin's people to allegations that Trump rented the suite that Obama and his wife stayed at and hired whores to piss on the bed the Obamas slept in - allegations the Democrat Party had during the election which were too ludicrous to be believable and so were not brought forth during the election - are now being trotted out in desperation.

The Senate hearings on President-Elect Trump's nominations for the Cabinet have similarly been the scene of ludicrous questioning by Democrat ASP senators. The putative Director of Central Intelligence for example being demanded to give his views on so-called "man made climate change" which of course has NOTHING TO DO with what the Director of the CIA does. 

Senator Elizabeth "vote-um for me, I'm Cherokee" Warren demanded to know "yes or no" whether HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson would ensure that "not one single American taxpayer dollar" would go to "enrich the Trump family". 

This of course is a variation on the old "Yes or no: Have you stopped beating your wife?" trap. Carson did not fall for it. 

There could very well be some project of HUD's that one or more of the Trump concerns could contribute to in a way that both cost less and was more effective than anyone else could supply. And in that case, Warren is evidently more concerned that the contract might be awarded to a Trump entity than she is that the people who would benefit from the project get the best result available at the lowest cost to the taxpayer. 

Carson in return finally told Warren that he would hope that logic and common sense prevail. 

The nominee for Secretary of Defense was asked about his attitude concerning gay and trans-sexual personnel in combat positions. His response was that his only concern was that the U.S. military be the "most lethal combat force on the planet" and that when the enemy met with that force it would be the enemy's "longest and worst day".  

Amen to that. 

And Trump himself has turned that favorite tool of the Left, "social media" against them. Here at last is a Republican whose idea of "compromise" with the ASPs is not dropping the soap in the shower. Senator Chuck Schumer had the colossal nerve to say that Trump's only chance was to "come entirely over to our side". 

Hey, Chuck. Trump didn't win by doing that. And he's not going to come "entirely over to your side", you arrogant snake in the grass son of a bitch. Right now you are rightly terrified of the man who knows how to expose you for what you are and who is doing it. Perhaps someone should build a memorial for your party. Trump is a master strategist and a brilliant tactician. All your tricks which work so well with other career politicians Trump will turn on you. 

The ASP agenda, which they have been working on for one hundred years to implement, is about to blow up in their faces starting next Friday.   It's fun to watch the Democrat Party coming apart at the seams...

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