Sunday, January 22, 2017


Haven't you had it up to your hairline with all this lunacy surrounding the recent election and the rioting at the inauguration? 

Some of it has been amusing, though. We find the antics of gay groups wishing Trump to be impeached to be a laff riot, considering an impeached Trump would mean a President Pence. Cutting off your dick to spite your balls? Idiots.

Then there was the "Women's March" with those pink "cat ears" knit caps. What? a reference to vaginas (pink pussy) or to the stereotypical portrayal of females as vicious gossips ("catty")? It was sort of like seeing a bunch of African-Americans protesting racism by wearing blackface. 

Even the rioters were fuckups. For openers, they defaced and torched a limo they thought was the transport for some rich conservative "fat cat".  As it turned out, the limo was the transportation for one of their heroes, Larry King. 

Somewhere north of 200 of these rioters were arrested for "felony rioting" which carries a max penalty of ten years. One blowhole was charged with throwing a rock at a cop, which is called "assaulting a police officer while armed". We believe that's about twenty in the pokey, and we hope bet he gets every day of it. 

As to the rest of the rioters, we'd wager that most if not all of them go to Mommy and Daddy and get lawyers who will get them pled down to disturbing the peace. That's the way it always goes in the District of Columbia, and that's one of very many good reasons they will NEVER be permitted  to be a State. 

And so, Gentle Readers, we shall let the flavors in the developing political cassoulet develop for a bit before dipping in our spoon and describing the taste of it. See you in about a week.

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