Saturday, January 21, 2017


After eight long years of a Chief Executive who denigrated our allies and kissed up to our enemies (who saw him as a malleable fool) we finally have gained a President. 

President Donald J. Trump made a fine and stirring speech after he was sworn in. Here is a man who does not mince words or pull his punches. Here is a man who says what he means and means what he says. 

President Trump got right to work, signing a raft of Executive Orders. 

Knees are knocking together in Pyongyang, in Tehran, and in the lairs of the Islamic extremist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. President Trump told these animals that they would be "eradicated from the face of the Earth". And he meant it, and they know it. He called them by their true name, and announced his intent to target them. They fear him. They should. Our warriors will be unleashed to fight them as they must be fought. 

President Trump is opposed by the American Statist Progressive (ASP) Left, who wasted no time trying to undermine him. But they are up against a man who has outsmarted them and gained the White House in the face of the most unbelievable odds we've ever seen. 

When President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, all the pundits on the Left said it was just a publicity stunt by a blowhard billionaire. As his campaign began  to gather steam, it was said that he was "just summer entertainment" and that after Labor Day everyone would abandon him and get down to "serious business".

That didn't happen, so then the Democrat shills began telling Republicans that it was "up to the voters" to save the Republican Party from the big bad Donald. Up until now that tactic had worked. After all, in 2008 they convinced the Republicans that John McCain was their only hope of keeping the White House. But in fact they already had their knives sharpened for McCain. They did something similar with Romney in 2012. 

But this time around, Republican primary voters wised up and figured out that the Democrats wanted to avoid having to run against Trump, and that was why they were trying to launch an "Anybody but Trump" campaign. 

After that failure, with Trump the Republican nominee; the Democrat machine and its media cohort began a vicious campaign of lies and half-truths to try and stop the man they said was a clown. And in the face of all this, Trump just forged ahead at full steam. He won the election in an Electoral College landslide. 

There are people who think that President Trump will not be able to attain his goals. There are those who think that he can be "stopped". But so far, he has done the political equivalent of plucking up Gibraltar and using it to cork a volcano. 

At last we have a President worthy of the title. If you bad guys doubt it, soon all doubt will be made moot. Its your turn, Democrats, to drop the soap in the shower. Squeal like a pig, you blowholes. 

A note to President Trump: If you fuck things up, we will be your harshest critic. We don't want just another "Current Resident" We need a President. We haven't for eight years. Please don't let us down. You were elected on our high hopes. Please fulfill them. 

God bless you, President Trump. And God bless and save these United States.

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