Friday, January 20, 2017


 Well, as if Current Resident Obama hadn't given a big enough "FUCK YOU" to our military with his clemency to Private Worst Class Bradley "Ruby Tubesteak" Manning; yesterday he chose to unleash 500 + felons on us civilians. 

Now here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we advocate the complete cessation of the "War on Drugs".  You wanna fuck yourself up on pot, smack, coke, LSD or anything else? We believe you ought to be able to get your shit down at the corner store and fuck yourself up. At least you'll know what you're getting and that for example your LSD won't be cut with strychnine. 

Like heroin? Under our plan, you'll be able to get as much of it as you like, as often as you like. Hey, Fentanyl is even more powerful. Go 'head on, knock yourself out (literally). 

Really, drug laws are designed to deter people from using dope? We have news for you: MOST PEOPLE WHO ARE DETERRED FROM USING "HARD NARCOTICS" BY OUR DRUG LAWS ARE MOST LIKELY ALREADY JOCKEYING A BOTTLE OF GIN ON THE WAY DOWN THE TUBES. Heroin just speeds the process up. So, no net loss. 

All the "war on drugs" does is push the whole shitpile of human weakness into the criminal underworld. There, thuggery and violence replace civilized business disputes regulated by the courts. And here's the rub concerning these Obama pardons. 

These drug felons have been involved in this violent black market. Just because they've never been accused of participating in the bloody business of settling disputes in that venue doesn't mean they have never been so involved. 

The kid who just deals a little coke or LSD or pot among his pals probably doesn't qualify as a participant in these violent black market practices. But he is likely unaware that the $20 bag he sells his young associates was purchased with the blood of the competitor of a rival supplier to the guy he got the drug from in the first place. 

But as to these 500+ federal drug felons, there exists an excellent possibility that they have participated in undiscovered drug related violence in the past and once free will continue to do so. And Obama insists on inflicting them back on society. This is unfathomable unless you understand that Obama hates the USA  and is trying to weaken us as a last "fuck you" to all we believe in.

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