Sunday, January 1, 2017


"Nothing changes, on New Year's Day". So goes the lyric of a popular song from the mid-1980s. Actually, we do need to write a seven instead of a six on dates. But other than that (and the weather) nothing is different. 

We worked the streets of Alexandria last night from about 4 PM last night until about 4 am this morning. We were surprised at how light business was; it didn't really amount to much more than a pretty good Saturday night. But the people were much better behaved than they have been in years. No crowds of 20-somethings trying to convince us to pile 14 people into the minivan we drive, no drunken kid trying to flag a cab while vomiting into the gutter, no idiots trying to get us to stop for them by running into the street and blocking our path. 

We came home at around 5 AM and fixed ourselves a supper of Italian sausages cooked in microwaved ramen noodles (It's tastier than it sounds). Then we slept until noon. 

The weather today is amazing warm - warm enough that we can sit on the veranda and smoke a cig our undershirt - and sunny. 

No trouble, a pretty good shift, and nice weather. We hope these are harbingers of good things to come in 2017. 

Happy New Year.

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Unknown said...

It was nice to meet you and have an interesting conversation with you. - Brier( the couple staying at Tellus)


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