Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Finally in the last few days of his occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Current Resident Barack Obama has shown his true colors. He has commuted the 35 year sentence of Private Worst Class Bradley "Ruby Tubesteak" Manning (alias "Chelsea").

Manning was arrested after turning over hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks; an act that has done incredible harm to the United States and its intelligence community. As we have said, Manning had been acting like a fruitcake long before he pulled this stunt, and we think his immediate commander should be investigated for negligence. 

Manning is said to have stated that he committed his crime due to an emotional upheaval brought on by his boyfriend's ending of their relationship. Well, seeing as how Manning's boyfriend was obviously interested in dudes; and seeing as how Manning was increasingly wanting to be a chick; NO DAMN WONDER THE BOYFRIEND BROKE IT OFF! (The relationship that is...)

Manning's sentence is the result of his having pled guilty to a lesser charge than that of "aiding and abetting the enemy" which carries the death penalty (and in our opinion, military executions should be carried out as follows: for common criminals, whatever the Fed civilian authorities are using (currently lethal injection). For cowards and deserters, the firing squad (to give them one last opportunity to die like a soldier). And for traitors and spies, hanging (a traditionally dishonorable death). Manning was getting off plenty light in the first place. 

So why did Obama commute Manning's sentence? We think that first off, it was to say "fuck you" to the United States military, which he hates like he hates this Republic. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it was to make things difficult for President-elect Trump. You see, Manning will not be getting out until May. So Trump could well be caught up in a shitstorm of demands that he rescind Manning's clemency and counter-demands that he let Manning go free. Add a bunch of yammering lawyers and what a mess Trump will have to deal with. 

Manning's clemency is but one more wrench Obama and his henchmen have been throwing into the works of the future Trump Administration as their days in office grow short. To be in opposition is one thing. But to set snares and trap doors for the incoming President and his people is little short of treason. So no wonder Obama commuted Manning's sentence. Birds of a feather flock together. 

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