Saturday, January 7, 2017


 First off and as we have said before, THERE EXISTS NOT ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE THAT ANY OUTSIDER GOT INTO THE ELECTION DATABASES AND CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION. The Democrat Party flunkies in the media phrase their "reporting" in terms that make it SOUND that way, because the facts are rather embarrassing to the Democrats. 

The FACT is, that SOMEONE, perhaps the Russians and perhaps not, hacked the e-mails of some high Democrat and Clinton campaign officials - such as Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, whose e-mail password is reportedly the word "password" - and forwarded select e-mails to Wikileaks, who then published them. 

The FACT is that the Democrats are beaucoup pissed off because especially Podesta's e-mails revealed what the Democrat party REALLY thinks of the minorities and "little guys" they are supposedly the champions of. Memorably Podesta was caught talking about "needy Latinos" who were always whining about needing the Democrats to deliver on the Democrat party's promises. 

So now the Democrat party is raving about how all us folks who voted for Trump should be "outraged" about how Trump benefited from Russian "espionage". They conveniently omit that there is no evidence of a "quid pro quo" arrangement between Trump and whoever hacked these e-mails. 

And it's strange that they're all so damn huffy now, since back in 1984 Ted Kennedy - operating through an intermediary - sought the assistance of Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov (another ex-KGB man) in defeating Ronald Reagan's re-election. And this time there WAS an element of quid pro quo: If Andropov helped defeat Reagan in 1984, Kennedy would help Andropov deal with Reagan in the meantime. 

If that wasn't treason, it was pretty damned close. And yet Ted is buried in Arlington Cemetery (where according to Cemetery regulations and US law he doesn't belong). 

As talk show host (and former Chicken Noodle News reporter) Chris Plante says: 

"Democrats. If it weren't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all"

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