Friday, May 31, 2013


IDIOCY MARCHES ON in our public educational system, where in Calvert County, Maryland a six year old boy was suspended from school for two weeks after being questioned by school officials for TWO FUCKING HOURS before his parents were called. The lad was so scared by the experience that he literally pissed himself.  His offense?
BRINGING A FUCKING CAP PISTOL TO SCHOOL. Thank God it wasn't loaded, claim the "authorities"; because then it would have been considered and "explosive device" and "police would have had to have been called".
Now if you are Mr. or Ms. Common Sense, you are thinking: "What the goddamn fucking FUCK is wrong with these idiots?" Well, shout Hallelujah. The Alexandria Daily Poop is here to 'splain the sitchieashun.
Whar we have here - and in other places across the country - is a full bore Leftist takeover of the administration of the public schools (and a lot of private schools, too).  There is an effort afoot to feminize the American male, starting with the youngest.
(Take a minute and get some smelling salts and sit down where you'll hit something soft if you collapse while reading this).
Part of this effort is holding events such as "Switch" or "Crossover" days wherein boys dress as girls and girls dress as boys (I am not making this up).  And recently a network featuring kids' cartoons floated the idea for an animated show in which the main character is a 12 year old boy who has a special ring. When he has to deal with bad guys, he holds up the ring and says: "You go, girl!"
This is NUTS!
But the same people who want to get YOUR SON to fantasize about being a girl aren't about to stop there. All this brouhaha about toy guns and pictures of guns and pastries chewed into vague gun shapes is part of an effort to train kids (and especially boys) that guns are scary evil things that must not be touched except by special "highly trained" agents of the State.
Notice how all this effort is being directed at BOYS more than anything else. Boys are naturally rough and tumble. Boys love to play "dodge ball" (banned almost everywhere these days). Boys love competition. So in many schools, "musical chairs" is played without a chair being removed at the end of every round.
Try telling one of the American Statist Progressives who promote these policies that they are being idiotic and you'll get an earful of pseudo-psychological blithering and be interrupted and the subject changed every time you make an undisputable point. They will not listen to you, and so long as they have any kind of authority whatsoever they will use it to maximum advantage to advance their goal of producing a nation of homosexual sissies (there are some homosexual males who are otherwise quite masculine; the ASPs want to stamp the boy out of these, too) who will be pliant to "the authorities" and (quite possibly most importantly) totally useless as warriors in defense of freedom.
You parents out there need to form an alternative group to the PTA; or take over your local PTAs in a putcsh. Start demanding the immediate ouster of any school official from the lowest teacher up through the Superintendent of Schools right on up to the Secretary of Education who advocates this seditious lunacy. And be as loud and nasty as the ASPs and make it VERY CLEAR that you are fed up with this nonsense.
Why, some places will suspend or expel a student for just SAYING the word "gun".  What if he says "I'm gun to the swimming pool after school"? What are they going (or "gun"!) to do? Alert the SWAT team to surround the aquatic center?
If this crap is not brought to a screeching halt - and soon - that event will come about. Act now.

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