Thursday, May 9, 2013


We had intended to write about the Benghazi hearings today, but in accordance with our belief that lesser stupidity founds and nourishes greater stupidity we find it more needful to inform our readership about several things germane to the Second Amendment (and in one instance, also the First Amendment) that are being reported in the news today.
Before I start in on this one, I want to remind everyone that my Second Amendment bona fides are sterling. As I have stated elsewhere in this blog, I believe the right to Keep and Bear Arms includes everything up to and including the standard equipment of a modern light infantryman, which in this country includes a fully automatic select-fire rifle. I also believe that - especially if you believe that felons should have the right to vote - convicted felons should regain their Second Amendment rights when they are released from the supervison of the criminal justice system (this means out of prison and having completed parole and any form of probation).
However, I also believe in OBEYING THE FUCKING LAW, so I am not about to purchase a fully automatic weapon without going through the process mandated for legal possession of one (and yes, I could obtain one legally but it's a ton of paperwork and hassle and full-auto guns go for starting at about fifteen grand, so fuck that noise.)  Likewise I am not going to provide any felons with any weapons, no matter how exemplary their conduct has been).
And since I believe in obeying the law, I am also not going to be present if an event being planned by some Internet nutball here in Virginia is proposing. This gentleman proposes having a massive group of gun owners gather at Memorial Bridge on July 4th and march into the District of Columbia CARRYING LOADED RIFLES!!!
Jeeeeeeeezzzzuuussss. Is he INSANE? IF this march takes place, it will be met at the District line by a corps of heavily armed police. THEN WHAT, YOU IDIOT?   Have you even thought about the possibility that among your marchers might be an anti-gun shithead who will light up a pack of firecrackers, intending to make the police think they are being fired upon?? Not to mention that carrying a firearm on one's person - unless one is a police officer or a "special police officer" or otherwise permitted by the D.C. government - IS A FELONY. You will lose both your firearms AND your right to have them, and quite likely your freedom for a few years. If, that is, something doesn't happen to provoke a firefight.
Anybody thinking about going along on this "march" ought to think again.
However, I must say that the same police agencies warning against this march as a "violation of D.C. and federal law" need to explain why it is that they allowed the "Occupy" movement to be a gigantic, unlawful, public-pooping filthy and more than occasionally violent pain in the ass for several months. These guys might be idiots, but all they want to do is carry their weapons into D.C., march around the Capitol a couple times, and go back home. And I bet you not one of them would even think about crapping on a police car, either.
Moving on...
Much has been made in the media recently about fully-functional firearms which can supposedly be made by a process known as "3-D printing". Such firearms (say the media and the anti-gun shills) would be "virtually undetectable" and could be "made by anyone, even crazy people and felons"

"3-D printing does indeed exist. Basically a 3-dimensional object can be "printed" from layers of plastic. And indeed certain parts of firearms - notably lower recievers, magazines, and slides - can be manufactured in this manner.

But anyone who says that 3-D printing can be used to manufacture a functioning firearm entirely out of plastic is either a damn fool or a damn liar with an agenda.

Because not only are metal springs needed to operate a weapon, in order to fire even a .22 cartridge safely, a metal chamber is needed. The pressure and heat developed by a fired round would likely melt and deform the chamber The next thing that would likely happen is the firearm exploding in the shooter's face.

Nevertheless, grandstanding politicians are parading in front of the TV cameras to announce their plans to pass laws against manufacturing "plastic guns".  While they are at it, they might think about outlawing flying "magic carpets" as a threat to aviation.

I don't care how much these dildoes say "plastic guns" are possible, THEY ARE NOT.

And yet people fall for this garbage. Cripes.


Finally, we bring the idocy full-circle.  Yet another case - this time in Virginia - has arisen wherein some grade-school youngster has been "playing Army" or some such thing with another boy and has been busted for it, of course with the usual involvment of police officers who have better things to do.

This particular kid pointed a pencil at some other boy and said something like :rat a tat tat; imitating a machine gun. For that, he got a multiple-day suspension and a lecture; and he is lucky he wasn't hauled into juvenile court. And of course the school officials when interviewed by the media explained exactly why some kid going :rat tat tat with a pencil is deemed to be "threatening with a deadly weapon"


Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we are at a loss for words. We look at the above examples of idiocy, and we wonder how long our sacred republic can survive, seeing as we are in the thrall of such imbeciles as have been described above.

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