Thursday, May 23, 2013


One theme that has run through this blog from the outset is the disdain in which the American Statist Progressives who have taken over the Democrat Party hold the Constitution and particularly the enumerations of rights in the first ten amendments commonly known as the Bill of Rights.

They believe in the First Amendment freedom of speech... so long as they agree with the speech. Otherwise it's ban, censor, shout down and even criminalize speech they don't agree with. And a woman charging admission to people so they can watch her spread melted chocolate all over her naked body is "protected speech"; as is putting a Crucifix upside-down in a jar of urine and applying for and recieving a grant of fifty large from the federal government (which means YOU THE TAXPAYER); and if the grant is denied it's censorship.
On the other hand, let someone publish, tongue in cheek, a rejoinder to the admonishment that "There is no excuse for domestic violence" by saying: "why, of course there is. Undercooking the eggs at breakfast, forgetting the proportions of vermouth to scotch in a Rob Roy, etc.; after she's been told umpteen times"; and publish that EVEN AS A SATIRE and you will likely have an angry mob of FemiNazis at your door unless they know you have a firearm (like I do).
The First Amendment right to freely associate and assemble is okey-dokey with the ASPs as long as it's an unruly mob of jejune spoiled brats who care less than dogs about where they crap and piss and who leave injured police officers and one helluva mess wherever they "associate and assemble" to demand that the government confiscate other people's money and give it to them.
On the other hand, let the TEA party have a nice, quiet peaceful rally in which the participants seek to preserve the Constitution and bring the federal government back into line, and that is somehow a threat to the Republic and must be stopped.
Likewise the free exercise of religion and the prohibition against the passage of laws "respecting an establishment of religion" has been creatively (and capriciously and arbitrarily) interpreted by the ASPs. Proponents of Witchcraft, Buddhism, paganism, Satanism, Mahometanism ("Islam") and indeed everything other than what C.S. Lewis called "mere Christianity" are to be "tolerated".  But other than sects which exist to promote leftist ideals under the veneer (and the thinner the veneer the better) of worshipping Christ, Christianity needs - by the lights of the ASPs - to be restricted as severely as they can get away with.
The Second Amendment is particularly hated by the ASPs, since their goal is to reduce we peons under absolute dependence on the government. And so the ASPs blow off the Second Amendment as something which just generally authorizes the National Guard and does not apply to we proles on the street.
(Mind you, the ASPs are always able to get permits for their own firearms, since they are National Treasures and must be able to protect themselves.)
Every limitation on government power and every guarantee of individual rights in our entire Constitution is utterly disdained by the ASP left, unless it suits their purposes. Then and only then does it become Holy Writ, enscribed on stone from On High to be honored and respected without question, Amen Hallelujah. Once a passage or clause or amendment presents an obstacle to the ASP agenda, however, it is denounced as "outmioded" and/or "obsolete"; or - and commonly - ever-more-tortured legal exemptions are carved out by means of clever and creative "reasoning" relying on flawed precedent (and increasingly precedent deriving from legal systems outside the U.S.) and a careful choice of judicial officials.
But there is one part of one Amendment that is unconditionally Holy Writ to the ASPs: the Fifth Amendment right to not be compelled to be a witness against oneself. Because if it were possible to put these lice under oath and compel them to tell the truth under pain of perjury, the dam would burst and the prisons would be filled with corrupt ASPs. 
Case in point: Lois "Lois Lame" Lerner, the IRS official responsible for determining "not for profit" status for organizations yesterday invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when called to testify about the IRS scandal.
But Lois Lame might have just screwed herself. Prior to invoking the Fifth Amendment, she gave a long speech about her innocence and her denial of havig done anything wrong. 
But in the American judicial system, you have two  options when testifying. You can either take the stand and defend yourself OR refuse altogether. Once you take the stand and make an exculpatory statement, you MUST then submit to questioning under oath. (In a police custodial interview, you may waive your right to remai silent and then re-instate it at any time; but under a hearing when you have been sworn in you may not just take the stand and profess your complete innocence and then refuse to be cross-examined.)
Already there are calls in Congress for Lois Lame to be recalled and forced to tell the truth. So if you will excuse us, we need to run to the 7-11 for a case of brewski and a couple pans of Jiffi-Pop. This is getting good...

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