Sunday, May 5, 2013


WE have pointed out previously the efforts of media to influence children in particularly the sections of the print media aimed at children. The Washington Post for example ran two articles in the "Kids' Post" section about the Electoral College before and after the 2000 Presidential election.
In the first article, seeing that the election would be close and that Al Gore might only win with an Electoral College decision overriding the majority vote; the Post told the kiddies that the Electoral College was instituted as a safeguard against the People making "a bad choice".  No, really, that's what they told YOUR KIDS (or maybe you, if you were a kid back then but are an adult now).
But once the Electoral College overrode a majority popular vote in favor of GEORGE W. BUSH (a majority so slim it was within the margin of error for current vote-counting technology, by the way); the "Kids' Post" explained that the Electoral College was obsolete and was never intended to override the majority. 
Now today comes "Slylock Fox"; a syndicated Sunday feature that asks its youthful readers to guess how Slylock solved a mystery. In today's panel one of the strip's main villains, an evil scientist named "Count Weirdly",  is lecturing at a "global warming" conference. He is demonstrating that ice in a tumbler melting does not raise the water level in the tumbler whatsoever, and so "global warming" will not raise the sea level. "Slylock" points out that not all polar ice is over water, but "a lot" of it is on land, and if that ice melts it will raise sea level.
This argument about floating ice not raising sea level with its melting has in fact been used by those who seek to debunk the prediction of the effects of "global warming".  But this argument has been applied only to the Arctic ice cap, which is indeed all "sea ice".  There is a good deal of "land ice" at the South Pole, but so far all that has come of anything which might be related to "global warming" is the breaking off of part of the "Ross ice shelf"; which is really nothing more than the "calving" of an iceberg from a glacier. Big deal. And it's not even the point the "Slylock" strip is trying to make.
In the larger debate about "global warming" and mankind's alleged role in it, this melting-ice business is a side issue. What the "Slylock" strip intends is to put it into the minds of kids that those in the scientific community who doubt that "global warming" is taking place (and/or that human activity has little or nothing to do with it) are evil, insane, malevolent beings who are trying to fool everybody so that all the cute cuddly polar bears will drown (or some such nonsense).
Parents, you need to watch what your kids are reading. Kids, I know some of you read this blog. If you are under the age of sixteen, STOP IT UNTIL YOU ARE SIXTEEN because I use some cuss words here and I talk about grownup stuff you really don't need to be distracted with (and how ironic is it that a lot of what I talk about involves adults who think and act like children?).
But I'll tell you this much: Unlike "Kids' Post" and "Slylock Fox", here at the Alexandria Daily Poop you will read the truth.
Parents, we at the Alexandria Daily Poop urge you to get busy and write the jerks who publish "Slylock Fox"; and tell them that you will explain the world to your kids, and not them.

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