Tuesday, May 14, 2013


On top of the Benghazi scandal, we lately learn of the IRS harrassment of conservative groups AND the Justice Department spying on news organizations.  (And this last item may just serve to turn the media against Obama at long last.)
This is Watergate all over again (except as we said no one got killed in Watergate. FOUR AMERICANS DIED in Benghazi).  In fact, Article II of the Articles of Impeachment filed against President Richard Milhous Nixon accused Nixon of using the IRS to violate the rights of his political enemies. And during this whole thing, Obama and his flunkies have tried to put the blame on some guy who made a You Tube video and on some low-level schlemiels in the Cincinnati office of the IRS and in the Justice Department.
Of course Obama is trying like mad to put up Corleone family style "buffers". The Administration is stonewalling like mad. Well, Obama did say he'd be "transparent"; and his and his flunkies' lies are exactly that: transparent falsehoods.
And now he's gone and pissed off the media.
We just hope Michelle and the girls like eggs. Obama is laying one after another, and all those chickens coming home to roost ought to keep the First Family in omelets right up until Big Daddy's ass is impeached and he is convicted and thrown out of the Big White House. Chief Justice Roberts, get ready to sew gold stripes onto the sleeves of your robe.

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