Saturday, May 11, 2013


"Call what "Waterlessgate"? you may ask. Of course we are talking about the dog's breakfast of a scandal that has finally boiled up out of the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest's handling of the attacks on our (what the Administration is now trying to avoid calling) Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on the tenth anniversary of the September 11th 2001 attacks on New York and Arlington, Virginia (a third attack, as you remember, was thwarted when the hijacked passengers of the fourth airliner rebelled).
One reasson we call this "Waterlessgate" is because it occurred in the desert. But the second, better reason is that  none of the Current Resident's flunkies' explanations can hold water for ten seconds. 
We have said this before: why in the FUCK; seeing how we had a diplomatic mission in a town absolutely CRAWLING with al-Qaeda and seeing as how the date was the TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 2001 SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS ON THIS NATION; was there not combat-ready security already in place and prepared? ESPECIALLY since the American Ambassador to Libya had PLEADED for it?   Just that ONE fact shows plainly that Current Resident Obama either (1) has shit instead of brains,  or (2) didn't give a flying fuck. Either way, he's completely unfit to be Commander in Chief.

From the beginning, Obama and his flunkies lied their asses off. First they tried to say that this was "a riot" resulting from a Moslem overreaction to some video some yahoo posted on You Tube. But rioters don't bring AK47s and rocket propelled grenade launchers to the riot.

And the Foreign Service and military people at Benghazi weren't a bunch of clueless kids like the people who voted for the Current Resident. They knew a planned and coordinated assault when they go through one. Various people began to come forward, and the tactics of the Obama Administration in trying to sweep this scandal under the rug were reduced to utter, transparent lies.

Right now, the whole thing is really starting to resemble Watergate, right down to the Administration trying to minimize everything now that the media cannot ignore the facts ("Third rate burglary" with Watergate, "What does it matter?" and "That was a long time ago" with Benghazi.) One thing different from Watergate is that with Watergate, nobody DIED.

It is hard to see why anybody in politics or the media (except for the Congressional Black Caucus) won't eventually realize that the Current Resident is an unqualified and very likely criminal goofball. We may not have to wait until the Republicans retake the Senate for Obama to be impeached.

Hope springs eternal...


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