Saturday, July 9, 2016


This country has been presented with yet another spate of police-related shootings, of course of African-American males. And of course the Left has been out raising holy Hell about it before all the evidence is in. In one Minnesota case, the black man shot to death was the holder of a concealed weapon permit. As it turns out, the dead man told the cop that he had a gun. 

Then like an idiot he reached into his jacket to retrieve his permit to show the cop. 

HINT: NEV-ER EV-ER tell a police officer you have a gun and then put your hand into your clothing. KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE THE COP CAN SEE THEM AND ASK HOW HE WOULD LIKE YOU TO RESPOND. AND FUCKING DO AS HE FUCKING SAYS WHEN HE SAYS TO DO IT!! It's no freaking wonder the cop started blasting. You tell me you have a gun and stick your hand into your jacket or your pocket, and I'll probably draw and fire, too. What? Was the cop supposed to wait for the dude to present his piece and open fire?

There were also a couple other police shootings, but we at the ADP don't know enough about them to comment. What we do know is that this latest spate of police shootings was followed by a sniper ambush of cops by some black dude who hated white people in general and white cops in particular. But he is being portrayed as a fucking saint gone wrong by the anti-gun media and politicians. 

Meanwhile, right here in Virginia a couple years ago we had a white dude by the name of Geer who was shot to death while had his hands up and presented NO THREAT whatsoever to the cop who shot him. (and this was verified by the cop's fellow officers). 

The cop got convicted of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER and was sentenced to TIME SERVED! 

Did Geer's family  and neighbors riot? Did some white-supremacist  group burn dumpsters in the street? Did some white guy open fire on a bunch of Fairfax  cops?  NO. 

We suggest that everyone eschew the tendency to jump to conclusions before the corpse is room temperature and wait for the case to close - or at least for the investigation to conclude - before we start in with the yelling and recriminations. Everybody needs to put their brains in gear before engaging their mouths.  

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