Thursday, July 28, 2016


We must say, Gentle Readers, ever since we found another wi-fi source to glom off of for free (Well, we do always buy something to go and eat it here in our quarters while we are pounding out this E-rag) we have been able to compose and post in the manner in which we are most effective: comfortably dressed and with a glass of high-octane ale to drink and a supply of cigarettes to smoke, and no one looking over our shoulder. This has resulted in the increase of postings you have seen here, as well as the increase in our readership. 

Now, on to the topic du jour.

Yesterday Donald Trump mockingly asked the Russians to forward the Clinton E-mails - if any - they had hacked from Clinton's server so we could see them too. It was of course sarcasm, meaning to say that somebody must have the 30,000 plus E-mails that Clinton deleted from her server before it was confiscated and impounded by the FBI.

The Left went batshit. 

Trump was accused of "treason" because he had "invited" Russia to spy on us. He was said to be "disqualified" as a candidate because of the "unprecedented invitation to a foreign power to interfere in American politics".  

This of course is worse than bullshit. It is HORSESHIT. 

If there is, as Clinton claims, no sensitive or classified information contained in the deleted E-mails; then there's NOTHING to worry about. By getting all huffy about Trump's sarcastic remarks, Democrat activists are admitting that there very well may be classified info in these E-mails. 

And although Trump was being sarcastic, he merely asked the Russians to turn over what they already have (if they do); since Clinton's server has been impounded and offline for some time now.

As to soliciting foreign powers to interfere in our politics, remember the Chinese Communist contributions to Al Gore's campaign that were (allegedly) routed through some Buddhist organization? 

And let's not forget the Clinton family's little "charity" or "fund" where God-knows-who pours money into - money then routed into the Clinton's little (actually not so little) political machine. 

The Left calling Trump "treasonous" is like Medusa Gorgon calling Prince Charming "ugly".    

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