Sunday, July 24, 2016


It is nothing short of amazing what Donald Trump has brought to the Republican Party. The "openly gay" founder of "Pay Pal" stood at the podium and said "I am proud to be gay, and proud to be a Republican!" as straight and gay couples danced on the Convention floor. 

The crowd was mostly young and exuberant. This time the Republicans have the "rock star". And unlike Mr. Obama, Trump has actual achievements to back to back up what he says.  Donald Trump is assuredly NOT anything like Ronald Reagan. Except for the fact that, like Reagan, Trump is the Man of the Hour exactly when we need him. 

Donald Trump is not the kind of man who will submit to being pushed around. And when he is the leader of our Republic, he will not submit to allowing US to be pushed around. He is exactly the leader who knows that we are sick and tired of being told that submission to our elite Federal massas  is the path to the good life have been hoping for. And the American Statist Progressives (ASPs) who will meet in Philadelphia this week know this, and tremble.

Just you watch. The Democrat Convention will feature speaker after speaker who bitches and pules that the rest of us have not done enough to make his or her life Heaven on Earth. Outside, the streets of Philadelphia will run with blood the way the streets of Chicago did in 1968. I was 15 back then, and remember it well. 

The ASPs claim that they want to take from the "haves" and "empower" the "have-nots".  

The truth is that, here in America, you have a choice between being a "have" or a "have-not".  And for a truly struggling "Have Not", his worst enemy is some ASP offering "social justice".  Hilary and her fellow ASPs have as their goal NOT the liberation of the dependent classes but rather the deepening of their dependence on Federal largesse AND the expansion of the ranks of the dependent. Ultimately, the Democrats seek to make every man woman and child in this country subservient to and dependent upon  the Federal government. 

When and if that happens, then no matter the color of our hides we will all be NIGGERS. 

That's what Hilary and her white-ass massas want. Whether you are black, brown, white, yellow, or whatever; if you don't want to be Hilary Clinton's nigger, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP.

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