Thursday, July 21, 2016


We told you in these pages, did we not, Gentle Readers, that the news people would seek to make a mountain out of any molehill they could find at the Republican National Convention? So what have they come up with so far?

Well, a lame allegation that Trump's wife used a quote from - of all people - Michelle Obama in her speech at the Convention. Maybe, but really, who gives a fuck? The matter banged around in the press for about a day before being replaced by Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage when he failed to endorse Trump, instead telling voters to "vote your conscience" for a candidate who would support and defend the Constitution. Again, who cares?

Before that, they were making a big deal about it being "frightening" the way the crowd at the convention chanted "Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!" when asked by Chris Christie what should be done with Hilary Clinton. Frightening? Probably to Clinton and anybody who doesn't want to see her locked up; which is likely to happen once we have an honest Attorney General in office. But us? We're not one bit scared. Lock her up? She should be tried and convicted for treason and hanged, right alongside Obama.

And where is the bloody "gun violence" that was supposed to result from opposing protesters openly carrying loaded firearms? Where is the chaos in the streets? Answer: probably precisely because there were armed good guys all over the place who weren't police, the troublemakers were cowed. The only big-deal disorder that news of which has reached us here at the Alexandria Daily Poop has been a story about some hippie throwback who tried to burn an American flag and wound up setting his own self on fire. Lefties is sooooo stoopid.

But, all you folks in the media who want to see some violence; you'll see it soon enough in Philadelphia at the Democrat convention. That's gonna be some riot. And remember, you read it here first.

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