Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This morning brought us news of a 7-11 clerk who had been confronted with a pistol wielded by an armed robber. The intrepid clerk grabbed the barrel of the would-be robber's pistol and wrenched it from his hands, whereupon the bad guy fled. 

7-11 has a "do not resist" policy regarding robbery attempts (thus guaranteeing that "attempts" become "successes"). 7-11 FIRED the clerk on "policy violation" grounds. 

We were about to advocate for a boycott of all Southland enterprises when we got word that 7-11 had both REINSTATED and PROMOTED the clerk due to popular outrage. 

There are ways, if one knows how, to wrest a handgun away from an attacker (if he is stupid enough to get too close) and even tear off the bad guy's trigger finger in the process. We aren't advocating stupid "be a hero" crap here. Any hesitance will in such cases result in the resistor getting seriously injured or killed. And if you don't know what you are doing, if you have to stop and think even for a millisecond, you will lose. He who hesitates is lost. 

On the other hand, sudden and violent resistance to a criminal aggression will much more likely than not be a surprise to the aggressor, who will have been expecting a quailing, frightened and compliant prey. 

We make no guarantees here. Sometimes you might have "the drop" on you and have no choice. It's really up to you and your moxie and the situation. 

But generally speaking; resist, and you well may win. 

Surrender, and you lose, every time, guaranteed.  

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