Monday, July 18, 2016


The pot's a-boiling in Cleveland now as the Republican National Convention meets to anoint Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. The "never Trump" crowd of morons is pulling stunt after stunt - today there was a walkout of delegates - in a futile attempt to stop The Donald from actually obtaining the formal nomination. 

Much is being made of the fact that there are armed groups outside, taking advantage of the fact that it is lawful to openly carry a firearm in the State of Ohio. And these groups range from the New Black Panthers to the Oath Keepers (of whom I am a member); and the press and the City officials are begging Governor Kasich to ignore the law and the Constitutions of Ohio and the United States and suspend the right of open carry in Cleveland. So far Kasich has stood firm for the rule of law. 

Actually we think there will be no "gun violence" at the convention. As the great Colonel Jeff Cooper (google him) famously said, "An armed society is a polite society". As a matter of fact, I'll bet that crime in general drops precipitously in Cleveland while all those armed guys are there (much to the consternation of the media, who have a special corps of "reporters" who will jump on the first hint of even potential "gun violence" like a duck on a June bug). 

What is going on inside the convention, however, is the convulsive "last stand" of the Republican Establishment and its failure to recognize that "go along to get along" is NOT the way to deal with a Democrat Party that has been hijacked by American Statist Progressives (ASPs). Even Party Chairman Rince Preibus has joined the Trump bandwagon. Lots of these types have come to realize which way the wind is blowing. 

It is our hope that when the smoke clears and Trump is the nominee, everyone will then realize that keeping Hilary Clinton OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE where she will - if not prevented - crazy-glue Obama's "legacy" into place for all time. If Clinton wins, the Republic is finished. Stay tuned.

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