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I suppose not a few of you out there are already foaming at the mouth just from reading the title of this post, and are itching to scream "racism".  Calm down. If I were racist, I'd post somewhere else about what fools black folks are for voting for Obama. I am not here saying that the blacks who voted for Obama are fools. I am,  however, saying that they have been played for fools by the Democrat Party TWO Presidential elections in a row.
I just finished several days of transporting people to and from transportation centers, hotels, and Inaugural events. I can understand the considerable happiness of the black folks I met, since not only was a black man elected to "The Highest Office In The Land", but also he was not thrown out at the end of one term. You can point to Obama and tell your kid that he can hope to do the same thing.
Fine. I'm happy for you. But if Obama were white, and he had done as poorly and done as many off-the-wall things in the last four years as he has in fact done, you black folks would be hollering for impeachment so loud it would knock this blog right off the internet. The fact that Obama is African-American is in fact the only good thing about him.
Or might you be happy that, because of Obamacare and other financial policy "achievements", employers are trimming back hours so that very few employees have full-time jobs? Are you pleased that, because of Obama's printing trillions of extra dollars, the money you do have is worth less and less? (When Obama was elected the first time, the Euro was worth about $1.20. Now - even with Europe sliding into the toilet - the Euro is worth $1.33. That's not good, folks.)
Have there been any celebrations because so many black folks have been lifted out of poverty and into prosperity because Obama reigns supreme? No? I'm not surprised, because Obama functions only to keep those dependent on the federal government dependent, and to bring those who are dependent into the dark stifling world of dependence upon the government for nearly everything.
We've all seen a couple of celebrations of this. The news clip of the Detroit woman standing in line to get "Obama cash from Obama's stash". We've all seen the video where the black lady exults that Obama's going to pay for her house and car. We've all seen the clip of that SEIU woman with the braying jackass voice yelling that "Evvabody in Cleveland goss Obama Phome!".  Appalling.
Obama however is actually not much more than a symbol. The real power in this country STILL resides in the hands of white politicians. Because the most powerful branch of government is the Congress. It will be a long damn time before you see an African-American Speaker of the House or a House or Senate Majority (or Minority) Leader, especially one who is a Democrat. (If black Conservative Allen West had been re-elected last year, he might have wound up replacing that bonehead Boehner. The white Democrat machine knew this, and targeted him for defeat.)
The Democrat leadership - except for Obama - is whiter than a Klan robe. The white political machine in Illinois, headed by the white Mayor Daley and the white Governor Blagojavich, selected Obama for the State senate as a reward for his gathering so many black votes for Democrat politicians. Then they used the corrupt Illinois machine to get him into the United States Senate. He was an unknown, unremarkable zero when he was trotted out to address the 2004 Democrat convention.
From the time Obama was handed the junior seat in the Senate by the corrupt white Democrats, they had a plan to get him into the White House ASAP.  They did this for several reasons. First, he was intended to be a cheerleader for the Democrat agenda. For instance, even though it's called Obamacare; Obama did not write one word of it. He probably didn't even read any of it. But he went out and did as he was told and hawked it. Aren't you proud of him?
Second, he was to live LARGE, baby; so that black folks could look at him and his family living the "sporty life" and live vicariously through them.
Third (and most importantly) he was meant to be a sop to African-Americans, whom the Democrat Party has promised so much to for 35 years (before that they were hosing black folks down the pavement in Birmingham and Selma) but have not actually done one damn thing for.
Otherwise he was to do as he was told. Do as he was told, mind you, by the white Democrat Party leadership, including the appalling Nancy Pelosi. 
Nancy Pelosi is the House Minority Leader (formerly the Speaker) who during the Obamacare debate used members of the Congressional Black Caucus as props, leading them with an outsized Gavel between lines of TEA party demonstrators, hoping someone would spit on them (and when it didn't happen, she just said it did anyway). 
It doesn't surprise me that Nancy deliberately led a group of black folks into a situation wherein she hoped they would be spat upon. Nancy's Congressional District may be San Francisco, but her home town is Baltimore, Maryland where she grew up as the daughter of former Baltimore Mayor DeLassandrio. The DeLassandrio family lived in Baltimore's "Little Italy"; where black folks are called "mulanyoms" (The word means "eggplant" and is a slur just as vicious as "nigger"). 
Those are the people who put Obama in power, by successfully marketing him to us all, Americans of every race, color, and creed. When they knew that he couldn't get elected the first time if he supported "gay marriage", he was told to oppose it.  But when the debate over it got too hot during the re-election campaign and some big money stopped flowing in, he was told to have "an epiphany" and so he did.  
Still, my African - American readers, I understand your happiness. Actually I think it borders on relief that Obama was not thrown out on his kiester, as he would have been had not 3 million McCain voters sat out the election. But remember that he answers to those who brung him to the dance: the white Democrat Party leaders, who are not about to hand the Speaker's gavel or the leadership of the Senate to a black person any time soon. When and if the House ever elects a black Speaker, then you'll have something to crow about. And when and if that happens, it will be a Republican - and not a Democrat - House majority that does it.
I'm not trying to pee in your champaign, folks. I'm just telling it like it is.

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