Thursday, January 17, 2013


The Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest, Washington D.C. (New ADP policy: Since some of our "progressive" accquaintances have objected both to our putting "president" in quotes and then refusing Obama a title other than  "Mr." - which honorific he probably doesn't deserve either - he is now "Current Resident Obama") today made a rather lengthy speech as he stood surrounded by a bunch of kids who are probably going to be paying for all the crap he is shelling out borrowed money for until they die.
The Current Resident read some of the letters written to him by the kids - who from all accounts really were a darling bunch, and God bless and keep them all - pleading with him to save them from the bad, nasty guns.
Then  he announced a whole raft of Executive Orders, none of which had they been in effect for the last four years would have saved one precious little life in Newtown (or anywhere else). Many ot these Executive Orders were ridiculous, being things he could have done WITHOUT issuing an executive order (such as the bit about having Kathleen Sibeilius and some other flunky tour the country promoting some blather or other about supporting the Current Resident) and some were - to put it mildly - possibly illegal (such as the one directing physicians to question patients and their children about firearms in the home).
But Obama chose to introduce this by reading some letters from a bunch of kids, as if he were reading cute letters to Santa Claus. We wonder: If a thousand kids wrote him saying they really, really, really wanted ice cream and cake three times a day; would he fly them in and call a conference and plump for a Betty Crocker and Sealtest subsidy?
We remember as we think everyone does the kid in our class who came up with a "brilliant" idea for eliminating war: When two countries are mad at each other, instead of fighting with guns just have the smartest guys on each side play a game of chess. 
That's a wonderful idea, Tommy. Now run along and play with your friends.
Obama wants us all to believe that Tommy is a little genius and has come up with a great idea to make the world a non-violent paradise. Obama wants us all to be his widdo kids, and let him tell us what's best (and if we do something he told us not to do or don't do something he told us to do, we gets a whippin').
By having a bunch of kids standing around and quoting from what they had written him, the Current Resident has shown what he thinks of his constituents, the American People. To Obama, we are all just a bunch of children in need of his supervision, and if we obey we will be fine.
Almighty Jehovah God sees me this way, and since He made me, He can expect me to accept this.
Mr. Obama, here's a news flash: YOU ARE NOT GOD. I AM NOT YOUR CHILD.  Read the Constitution, respect it and follow it, or in the alternative be removed from office in the manner prescrbed therein.

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