Monday, January 21, 2013


There's no escaping it: when you are the Editor-in-Chief of a web log read in China, Russia, Germany, Japan, England, France, Canada, Austrailia, Pakistan, Norway, Finland, Canada and the United States; and especially when your blog is located right across the Potomac River (known to many here in Virginia as "The Moat"); people damned well expect you to at least do an editorial post on it. So here it is.
I spent the whole damned day convincing people to take the Metro into the festivities because a cab would only be able to get them a fur piece away, and it would take hours and cost at least $30 what with the traffic.
Around half past 11, business had calmed down so I tuned into Obama's speech. Half of it he spent talking out of one side of his mouth about the greatness of our Constitution, the sanctity of our Individual Rights, and - this stunned me coming out of Obama's mouth - that we did not have a "monarchy nor a democracy" but a Republic. Dear God, did I actually hear Obama say that we don't do everything by plebescite or by the whims of a ruler but under the provisions of a representative Republic? He even denounced treating namecalling as reasoned debate. That has been a favorite tactic of the Statist Left.
And I thought, dear God, has he finally decided to lead and govern by the Constitution? Has he finally decided to stop smearing his "enemies" and instead do some things that might actually right the nation??
Nah. He didn't mean a word of it. Somewhere in there he said: "BUT..." And then he started explaining how modern times require solutions which might not be exactly in accord with the Constitution he had just sworn to uphold.
And as for that rote call for civility, minutes later one of his flunkies in the Justice Department spotted Representative Paul Ryan coming down the steps of the Capitol, and roused a mass of rabble to "boo" Ryan, and then proudly broadcast his "accomplishment" on Twitter.
He ended with a ringing endorsement of illegal aliens and "gay marriage".
So this Obama's legacy: He has now taken the Oath of Office four times, tying with FDR; and he is the only Inauguree to say the word "gay" in reference to homosexuals in an Inaugural Address. Such sterling accomplishments.
Right now my business partner is driving the hack, handling the by now well-lubricated Obama fans celebrating their second big day. Yep, that's a great accomplishment; putting this bozo in the White House and then KEEPING him there for another four years.
God save these United States. 

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