Sunday, January 20, 2013


As various elements of the anti-gun Statist Left press their attack on private firearms ownership, they invariably mention the slain kids of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre and solemnly intone - or scream in a spit-flying maddened screed (as NY Gov. Cuomo did) that these steps must be taken "so that nothing like (Newtown) ever happens again!"
They then offer a whole bunch of "answers" and "solutions"; not one of which would have stopped the Newtown massacre. "Preventing another Newtown" is NOT their objective. TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS IS THEIR OBJECTIVE and they are cynically using the lost lives of a score of dead kids to carry out their long-held designs.
This morning, on the Sunday news shows there was an interview with two dolts from Maryland, and their main point was that "armed guards" or "armed staff" in schools would make the "kids" "Feel less safe", and that a school should be "a learning environment" and not "an armed encampment".  These, folks, are called "Talking Points" and they are repeated over and over again. They are buzz-words carefully crafted to jolt the emotions of the hearer and divorce his decision-making process from his reason and weld it to his knee-jerk emotions.
Among the more risible suggestions for "preventing another Newtown" has been "Restricting access to schools".  Adam Lanza SHOT HIS WAY INTO SANDY HOOK. The two previously mentioned Maryland dolts were talking about "learning environment" vs. "armed encampment"?  How about "learning environment" vs. "SUPER-MAXIMUM CORRECTIONAL FACILITY" since that's the level of security it would have taken to thwart Lanza?
Limiting magazine capacity? Do you know how long it takes to change a magazine? Here's a little tutorial:
Semi-automatic firearms have a feature which locks the slide or bolt open on the last shot. Hit the magazine release with your thumb, and the spent magazine falls out. Slam in a new magazine, hit the slide or bolt release, and the slide or bolt slams forward. Pull the trigger and keep firing. The whole process takes less than a second for a person with even minimal training.
Ban semi-autos altogether? Okay, ever heard of "speed loaders"? Using these requires a bit more practice, but a reload can be accomplished in well under two seconds. And a shooter who is equipped with two revolvers will have a ready answer for anyone who tries to stop him during the reload process.
And, of course, there is the shotgun. With a shotgun - at short ranges - it is entirely possible to kill two or three people at once. What's more, a shotgun can be sawn down to a concealable weapon with the mere facility of a hacksaw. Of course, this is strictly illegal; so we suppose that someone with malice aforethought would pause to peruse the statutes and think twice. Not.
The only thing that would have prevented the tragedy in Newtown is the one thing that is anethema to the anti-gun crowd. Select teachers, trained in proper response to an active shooter and coordinated with local law enforcement; carrying weapons discretely concealed; and known to the community at large to be present in the school; could have prevented the Newtown massacre altogether without a drop of blood being shed. As I stated in an earlier post, had Adam Lanza known that there were armed men and women walking in the halls of Sandy Hook elementary ready to stop him; he likely would have just stayed home and masturbated.
The one thing amenable to the Statist Left that MIGHT have prevented the Connecticut Massacre would be the total prohibition of possession of ANY firearm for ANY reason, except for on-duty police and military. When cops got off duty, they would have to surrender their weapons. Try proposing that, you idiots.
In fact, I hope you DO propose such a measure. Because if you do, it will mean bye-bye Missy Democrat Pie in 2014 and 2016. And you know it.
So you just continue to chip away at the Second Amendment (and hope no one notices - due to the big argument about the Second - how your "political correctness" campaign chips at the First and how you twist the entire Constitution when it suits you and ignore it when it doesn't.)
The American Revolution began when the Crown came for the people's firearms. You lefties better keep that in mind. Or, better still, ignore it.  Dig your graves, lie in them, and be buried in ballots in 2014 and 2016.  Reagan buried the Soviet Union without firing a shot. The pen is never mightier than the sword as it is when marking a ballot.

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