Friday, January 11, 2013


I do hope everyone got a good laugh out of the last post. But it's time for everyone to get down to serious business.

The Democrat Party - they who keep bitching that their name is "The Democratic Party" and complaining that we call them the "Democrat Party" as a deliberate insult (and they are right, and they deserve it) is in a full-bore effort to scrap the Constitution and turn these United States into a nation under single-party rule.
At present, the only thing standing between this cabal of traitors; who would gather all political power unto themselves and have the entire citizenry under their sway and dependent upon them for the basic neccessities of life, and the absolute power they seek (and seek it they do, and aggressively); is the Constitution of the United States. And the only thing keeping the Constitution in force is a slim majority in the House of Representatives.
Yet Democrat Senators and Representatives are now openly advocating that Mr. Obama abrogate the separation of powers and simply go right ahead and borrow more money without the permission of the House, using a tortured and utterly fraudulent interpretation of the 14th Amendment as authorization under law to do so.
In  similarly ominous development, the Democrat statists are using the deaths of 20 kids in Connecticut to push their ultimate objective of the disarmament of the citizenry. Most decent people in this country would like to eliminate -  if possible - the possibility that such a massacre would ever happen again. And so the Statists who currently control the Democrat Party are pushing the fiction that the best way of doing this is to "ban" certain types of "assault" firearms.  But the Second Amendment means, by the term "Arms", everything up to and including the standard arms of a light infantryman. The hell with an AR-15. It ought to be lawful to possess an M-16 capable of 3-round burst fire. Ought to be required, in fact.
Not too long ago, it was possible to just waltz into the United States Capitol building and - after passing through metal detectors - have free rein of the Capitol Building and every House and Senate office building therein. I even remember when you didn't even have to go through the metal detectors. (I might have even carried concealed right into the Halls of Congress back then). You could hop onto a light-rail subway and ride between the House offices and the Senate offices all day long, if you liked.
And - more importantly - you could just barge right in to the office of whatever Congressperson represented you and demand of him (or, more likely, his staffers) just what the fuck he or she thought he or she was doing.
Bad guys wreaking havoc in the halls of the People's House are not a new thing, either. Back in the 1950s a bunch of Puerto Rican nationalists shot up the Senate floor from the gallery. Yet security was not tightened until nearly 30 years later.
Fast-forward to the present day. If you do not have an appointment with a Senator or Representative, you must shape up in a "visitor's center" whence you will be led around by the nose by a "tour guide". Should you linger behind to admire an aspect of the art or architecture; should you pass the office of your Senator or Congressman and decide to pay an unannounced visit; hells bells, should you notice a restroom and answer an urgent call of nature; you will be challenged and immediately evicted or - worse - arrested.
Current Senate Majority Leader Harry "Whorehouse Harry" Reid famously said a couple years ago that "you can smell the tourists coming into the Capitol".
That's funny. Know what else? You can smell the rats in Washington wherever you are, every day. And unless they are stopped, everyone will become so inured to the stench that they will not notice it until it becomes so strong that it has eroded and obscured everything that it means to be an American Citizen . We are now in the thrall of a government that believes we exist to serve IT and not the other way around. A civil rebellion must take place, using the ballot box as a weapon.
The alternative is a very bloody and prolonged civil war. That, or the peaceful and abject surrender of our populace to a cabal of elitists who, having disarmed us, will dictate what is best for us and have us all follow like a flock of sheep. I WILL DIE ON MY FEET BEFORE I LIVE ON MY KNEES! "Cold dead hands" is NOT a slogan where I am concerned.
You better wake the fuck up. "They" are not "coming for the guns" only. THEY ARE ALSO COMING FOR YOUR FREEDOM. If enough people do not realize this - even as it is being performed right under their noses - but almost every politician is a would-be dictator. Our Constitution is full of "checks and  balances". But these are just old inkstains on parchment if poliiticians are allowed to twist - and ultimately ignore - them.  All the Statists need is your assent by silence, or your assent by not voting, or both; to complete their grandiose plan of the takeover of these United States by default.  

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