Tuesday, January 8, 2013


All of the recent tempest about guns has been correctly viewed as an assault on the Second Amendment. But it seems to have come in mighty handy as a means of distracting from the larger designs of the American Statist Progressives in the effort to make the Constitution of the United States a "dead letter" by default.
Mr. Obama has telegraphed his intent to attempt to use a clause of the 14th Amendment as authorization for him to borrow and spend without saying "boo" to the House of Representatives. If he attempts this, it will trigger a Constitutional crisis that will make Watergate look like an episode of "Judge Judy".
Aiding and abetting in this are the folks in the "mainstream media", who obediently decry everything Mr. Obama's detractors believe and gloss over or fail to report anything that would give credence to those who oppose him. These operate under the aegis of the First Amendment. But neither they nor Mr. Obama and his gang really respect the First Amendment, unless of course it shields them. For everyone else, they make every attempt to quash dissenting points of view.
For those in the media who disagree with the Statists, they are dying to re-instate the "fairness doctrine"; which would be applied only to the "right-wing" media and not to the lamestream drive-bys.
Where the requirements of the Constitution and the law interfere with Mr. Obama and his bunch's agenda, so far they have simply ignored them and done as they pleased. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT FREAKING BUDGET, YOU PERFIDIOUS GANG OF ASSHOLES?!?
A key tactic in these efforts is to have as many things as possible attain to the status of a "crisis".  That's why for example no budget in going on four years (even though it's REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION AND BY LAW but never mind). Without a budget, each and every action and expenditure becomes a crisis needing immediate resolution and requiring ramming through some bill or another before even one Senator or Congressman has had the time to read through and think through even a third of it.
This whole thing has been made possible by the deliberate dumbing-down of the electorate into what Obama's bunch call "low-information voters".  The method is a - must give the Devil his due - ingenious one. What with all these "Crises" shouting for attention while the lousy economy has people trying to figure out how to just survive, many folks just tune everything out until something like 20 dead tots grabs their attention.
Do not think for one second that the tragedies in Aurora and Tucson and Newtown are what Obama and his gang are concerned about. These people are dancing on the little graves of those kids. While your attention is focused on this phony "comprehensive" "gun violence" effort, the American Statist Progressives are probing for weak points and hoping you won't notice what they're up to until it's too late.
You had better wake up and start paying attention. There are elements in this country who are salivating over the prospect of civil unrest. For starters, go to the website of the National Stormfront. Take a look at what they are saying there.
This is what happens when one element of the Left gains a foothold. Today Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi, representing the Socialist/Communist part of the Left, are attempting a power grab. The other part of the Left, the facsists, are waiting in the wings to present themselves as the saviors of the common man. Unless YOU and everyone else rises to defend our Constitution; unless YOU and everyone else starts paying attention, asking hard questions and refusing to accept weasel words and argle-bargle for answers; then we are heading into a fire.
The tinder is already smoking. There is still time to put it out. Start paying attention, and don't be a "low-information" voter. This assault on our Constitution and Republic may still be repulsed by civil means. But the time, I fear, is growing short. 

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