Tuesday, December 20, 2011


All of you "occupy" types are really disgusted when a wealthy minority lords it over a less-well-off majority, right?  Why, by golly, that wealthy minority needs to be TAXED and their money given to support the majority, RIGHT???  

And boy, that rich minority, do they EVER try to get themselves little exemptions here and there and play by different rules than the majority. Oh yes, it happens all the time, and by your lights it is a sad state of affairs. 

Well, as you  sit there in your tents like shepherds of you-know-not-what; BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY that there is a place in this country where the wealthy minority has been brought to heel.  

That place is the magical Old Dominion, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Once upon a time, the Northern parts of Virginia were merely bedrooms for the workers of the Federal government, and mainly the military.  But Virginia's tax policies brought in more and more companies; and more and more people sought out Northern Virginia as a desirable place to live, made possible by the State's reluctance to interfere with the lives of its citizens and by its strict and effective criminal justice policies.  

In time, the population of the Northern counties began to shift. Northern Virginia was increasingly the home of young professionals sporting fifty-dollar haircuts (on two-bit heads).  Somewhere along about the 1980s, Northern Virginia was saturated with money, much of it belonging to statist "Progressive" liberals (STaPLes , or for the convenience of the writer STAPLEs).  

In the course of time, Virginia's  firearms laws were - to the horror of the STAPLEs - loosened further. No longer could some County or City in Virginia ban the open carry of a loaded firearm, nor could they adopt firearms restrictions more severe than those authorized by the Constitution and Statutes of the Commonwealth.  What is worse, a law was made that anyone who was over the age of 21, who was not a wife-beater, a drug addict, a felon, or insane MUST be issued a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  

The STAPLES began to bitch and pule that these policies would lead to "a blood bath".  (it didn't; crime in fact dropped!) It was then that the STAPLES hit on using the fact that Northern Virginia was sending boatloads of money to Richmond, but none of it was being spent on them; and it wasn't fair that Northern Virginia had to live under the laws of the rest of the Commonwealth.

Typical one-percenters, no?  They have all the money, yet they are outvoted, and outfoxed at every turn.  These one-percent STAPLES want all their money to make things all their way.  

SING HALLELUJAH!  It doesn't work that way in our Blessed Commonwealth!!

(Something tells me you neo-hippie idiots are not pleased with this state of affairs.)

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