Friday, December 16, 2011


Might as well run for President. If nothing else it will look GREAT on my resume' (Accomplishments: Candidate for President of the United States, Independent, 2012). So I am announcing my candidacy and asking every one of you readers out there to write my name in, and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Now as to why you should do this, the reason is staring you right in the face. NO, NOT THE GUN, IDIOT. The reason you should give me your write-in vote is because of the financial mess this country is in. Observe that this campaign will take place solely on the pages of this blog, which is hosted by a free service. I also use whatever free public net signal I can glom on to to write this. I won't be flying anywhere for a public appearance and I don't need a bunch of campaign donations, so you can spend your cash on stuff that will revive the economy. See? I'm improving things already!!

N0w, I am running as an independent, but you can write me in in either the Democrat or Republican primaries (providing the Dems are going to go through the formalities of a primary this year, but wouldn't it be a hoot if I beat out Obama in his own party's primary vote??)

If nominated, I will run; and if elected I will serve. I'm not doing this for joke value. I have to take the ads off this blog so they don't count as campaign funds, so the only ads here until November 2012 will be those that benefit Blogspot and not me. I do, however, realize I have approximately the same chances of winning as Frosty the Snowman would have of surviving a day at the beach in Cancun, or as a Special Olympics baseball team would have of beating the Washington Nationals.

(Well, actually, considering the way the Nats have been playing that might be a bit optimistic).

As to my platform, it will be addressed in future posts. However, a cornerstone of this platform will be weaning people off of their "entitlement" habits. Since we now borrow forty cents of every Federal dollar spent, then for starters EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY WILL HAVE ITS BUDGET SLASHED BY FIFTY PERCENT and here I do not mean increasing spending less than it would have been increased, nor do I mean cooking up crackpot schemes that would cost trillions, "deciding" against implementing them, and calling this "savings" while the dollars continue gurgling merrily down the crapper. I have previously published a post here which outlines a plan to eliminate the unconstitutional - I don't care what the Supreme Court said back in the 30s - "Social Security" nonsense WHILE STILL ENSURING THAT THOSE WHO WOULD BE HURT BY AN IMMEDIATE CUTOFF ARE TAKEN CARE OF.

There is much more to my plan for America, but my goal will be to return this country to the place where anybody can do pretty much as he or she pleases without some idiot in Washington D.C. forcing his or her idea of how you should live your life issuing fiats to you while you pay the idiot who is bossing you around. That's how taxi companies are run. It's no way to run a free country.

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