Saturday, December 24, 2011


In my last post I misidentified the virus I was having trouble with. (Need to keep those reading specs handy for the small print!)

The name of the virus - a literal virus, not a trojan - is Win32/Sirefef:N. I learn from Microsoft Security that it was published on December 20, 2011 and they are still working on details about it, which explains why MSE was not able to remove it completely from my machine. I have reflected this in my OP on this by making the necessary changes.  

Since this virus seems to bee targeted at denying internet connectivity, and seeing as I visit law enforcement sites while researching the prequel novels I am writing vis-a-vis The Peterson Investigation; I am betting the aimpoint of this attack is American law enforcement. I strongly suspect the "Anonymous" group (Which supports accused Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning) is involved in the dissemination of this malware. Any law enforcement personnel viewing this blog should take this into account. 

This seems to be a particularly insidious and vicious piece of malware, which would explain why Microsoft Security has not been able to explain it in detail as yet. That it only activates after a scan tells me that it targets your security program itself.

Anyone from Microsoft Security who wants to talk about this virus may contact me in the "Comments" section. I will be making attempts to contact your security people, but as yet I cannot get an immediate on-line live contact.  

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