Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vista Security 2012 - the virus that just will NOT give up.

I must have really pissed the programmers of this virus off with my last post. I have been hit three more times by the virus, which each time used a slightly different mutation to get past Microsoft Security Essentials. In each case I defeated the bastards, and am now working through different web sites to identify which one(s) this bug is coming out of.

I have backed up all of my files, of course; so in the event I need to replace my hard drive it will only cost me a couple hundred dollars. I also update security each time I go onto a different web site. Sure, it's a pain in the ass, but every time I get attacked that's one more winnowing of possible origins for this bug.

Look, you assholes who are running this scam. I have sworn to get you, and get you I will unless you stop bothering people who are just trying to work and communicate online.

You know what I think would be fun? Finding a way to "boomerang" your sabotage right back at you. Once I find an infected website, the fun will begin. take your crap off the web or suffer the consequences.

You can end this now, or you can get shit-hammered. The choice is yours.

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