Sunday, October 9, 2016


Donald Trump announced today that he would not resign the Republican Presidential Candidacy. We concur that he should not. Here's why:

Trump is not running for "Plaster Saint". He is running for President of the United States; which is still (Obama and his henchmen's efforts notwithstanding) the best and greatest Nation the world has ever seen (and if this offends you, suck a donkey dick and get over it). All this kerfluffle over something Trump said into a hot mike that should have been off; in a private conversation with a freaking liberal at that (and a liberal who was just as grossly sexual as was Trump in that conversation) is the effort of the Democrat Party to provide a shiny object with which to distract the voters from Hillary Clinton's - words fail us - shortcomings. 

The Democrat Party has to have been really desperate about Hillary's chances to have pulled this item out this soon. There's still a month left to get people to realize what this is: A Democrat scam to distract people from the real problems and get them focused on something titillating. Trump trading masturbation fantasies with some liberal-schmiberal weenie 11 years ago is in no way relevant to anything this election is about. 

Of course, some of those Republicans who are up for election have formally pulled their support for Trump. Most of these are facing re-election in districts where people are very socially conservative and fear what standing with Trump might... might do to their chances.

But soon enough, folks will realize that what Trump bawdily joked about 11 years ago has NOTHING to do with what Hillary Clinton has done and continues to do for the last eight. All the Democrat - controlled lamestream drive-by media could maybe milk this all the way to Election Day if they only had two weeks until the election. But... There are FOUR WEEKS remaining, and four weeks is an eternity in politics, especially in an election like this one. 

All the Trump camp needs to do is say that this is an irrelevant 11 year old exchange of WORDS, when what needs to be discussed is DEEDS. Hillary's deeds are despicable and her assuming the Presidency of this Republic is a clear and present danger to it. Trump needs to brush this phony "October Surprise" "scandal" off and do a number on Hillary vis a vis her plans for this Republic. 

The position of the Alexandria Daily Poop stands. We endorse Donald Trump and predict a 37 State landslide on the second Tuesday in November.

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