Sunday, October 16, 2016


The Democrat Party machine and their tools in the media are in full panic mode. Yesterday CNN (Chicken Noodle News) ran an entire day of nothing but all these women "coming forward" with one bullshit story after another about Trump having "sexually assaulted" them years ago. As we have pointed out, the Democrats  sprang their little "October Surprise" a month early, and now have to keep it going. 

Here's how the Democrat Party operates these days: They identify which Republicans will likely win the nomination. THEN they put private investigators on their tails, to dig up derogatory stuff. Then they withhold the information until firing the torpedo will strike the Republican's flagship amidships, sinking it. 

This time the Nazis yelled "Torpedo Los!! too early and hit the USS Trump in the bow. So now they've got a backup corps of sappers to try and finish Trump off. 

It isn't going to work. And the shameless partisan complicity of the media in all this is going to wind up pissing people off. It's not just endorsing a candidate that they are doing. It is the practice of ignoring ANYTHING derogatory toward Clinton and shouting down anything favorable to Trump that will cheese off the voters. More and more it is being made plain that the Dems and their media henchmen think that the American voter is STUPID. And on Nov. 8, those voters are going to elect Trump ass their way of telling them that they are  NOT stupid. The world's biggest "FUCK YOU" ever.

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