Monday, October 10, 2016


In the second 2016 Presidential Debate, Donald Trump very quickly dealt with the 11 year old remarks he made to Billy Bush by apologizing and quickly pointed out that while he had only spoken a few words in what he thought was a private conversation, Bill Clinton had assaulted several women in the audience, and that Hillary had helped Bill cover it up. Also present in the audience was a young woman who as a girl of 12 had been a rape victim. Her alleged rapist had been defended by Hillary, who got the creep off on a technicality. Hillary had laughed about this. 

Trump then pointed out that while he may have said bad things, Hillary and Bill had actually done much worse. 

Then Trump lit into the classified e-mails and tore her apart, vowing to name a special prosecutor once he was in office. Clinton in her rebuttal said she didn't think Trump should be in the White House. Trump rejoined her: "Because you'd be in jail!"

The crowd went wild with cheers. 

Taxes, immigration, health care, military strategy (Clinton said giving the enemy 48 hours advance notice of an air raid was sound military strategy (WTF? It is NOT!) Whatever the topic, Trump bounced her around like a ball. 

At one point, the crowd hissed at Clinton. 

If the Democrats had unveiled this "October Surprise" a week before the election, Trump may have never recovered. But so adroitly did he handle this and so thoroughly did he settle Hillary's hash that about mid-week he'll be polling above her again. After that, most of the Republicans who withdrew their endorsements will sign back on. Trump made one point very well: If he's accused of saying some bad things; his opponent has actually DONE lots worse. And Hillary SAYS a lot of stuff that sounds good, but never actually acts on any of it.

Hillary Clinton tried a trick and got Trumped.

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