Sunday, October 23, 2016


Gentle Readers, we expect you are just as tired as we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop are of this damned election campaign. We can't stand to read anything in the Washington Post, because every article has some little piece of snark about Trump or puffery about Clinton in it. The Trump campaign is described as "flailing" or "floundering" (It's "foundering" you idiots; and it's Clinton doing the foundering.) 

As more and more hacked Clinton e-mails are being discovered, the stench of her corruption is coming off in waves. The tactics of the Democrat Party in inciting violence at Trump rallies and attempting to portray that violence as being started by Trump supporters has been exposed, as has been a network of people secretly (and illegally) carrying on communication between the Clinton campaign and various Political Action Committees and coordinating activities between them. 

Other e-mails betray an almost cavalier attitude about the possibility of policies Clinton advocates leading to a nuclear exchange with Russia. And on and on, but when called on these things, Clinton just dismisses the question by saying that all these e-mails were "Hacked by Russia", as if no further explanation is needed. 

Hillary Clinton cares about three things: Her own self, money, and power; not necessarily in that order. And she will say anything, do anything, and betray anyone - even her own country - to attain these goals. This stench is reaching the nostrils of all but her most fanatic supporters; and she is losing ground daily. 

Against all this, the best Clinton and her supporters can manage is to try to say Trump is unacceptable because he is too enthusiastic in his pursuit of poontang. 

We'll tell you what: When faced with a choice between a patriotic horn-dog and a treasonous, grasping harpy; we at the Alexandria Daily Poop will take the horn-dog every time. And so should you. 

Barring some development such as - well, it would have to be pretty big - this will be our last political post before November 9th. If a little bit of discussion of these matters goes a long way, then so far this campaign has engendered discussion which could encircle the known universe several times. We shall speak to these matters only once more; in the privacy of the voting booth on November 8 2016. Our next post after that will be a post-mortem either of the Clinton campaign or of the United States of America. 

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