Tuesday, October 4, 2016


AS WE WRITE THIS, The 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate is under way. Right now Democrat Tim Kaine is engaging in a lot of standard liberal-schmiberal twaddle, plus interrupting Governor Pence with a lot of bullshit every time Pence makes a point. He sounds like one of these talk show callers, "Progressive" nutbars who just keep talking even though it's time to shut the fuck up and let the host respond. 

Kaine is also trying that old liberal trick of turning what Pence says into something else, and then attacking him for what he DIDN'T say. 

Kaine is also being a smarmy, smug asshole. He's repeating the lie that Trump said that "Mexicans" are murderers and rapists. (Trump said that a lot of the ILLEGAL ALIENS are rapists and murderers, and they so ARE. But never mind the truth.)  

Cripes, now Kaine is saying that Trump would erect a "Mt Rushmore" consisting of "Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Moammar Qadaffi, and Saddam Hussein".  Lame-O.

Pence on the other hand is handling Kaine, whose Governership of the Commonwealth of Virginia was so great that the People of Virginia elected Republican O'Donnell to succeed him. 

Kaine's rude, superior, I-know-best attitude is off-putting in the extreme. what a blow-hole. I'm calling this one a solid Pence win.

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