Friday, October 7, 2016


Comes now the news that more than a decade ago Donald Trump was caught on an open mike having a bullshit session with Billy Bush (whoever the hell he is, we are given to understand he's some kind of celebrity gossip yenta) about how to feel up chicks. Or something like that, a good deal of it was bleeped out. A couple of things here.

FIRST: When males get together one common subject they discuss is how to get them some wimmens. Human males bond over discussing females and how to get them in bed. Unless we're homosexual, it's a large part of what we talk about. And homosexuals talk about other males. Yet Gerry Studds - the Massachusetts Democrat who maintained a Congressional page boy as a lover - everyone in the Democrat Party was okay with that. (There was a censure, but that was kabuki). Another Massachusetts Democrat, Barney Frank, had a male prostitute lover who ran a call boy service out of the basement of Frank's Capitol Hill townhouse. After a few weeks of tee-hee news stories, the whole thing was forgotten.

SECOND: While Trump merely had a male-to-male "bull session" with another man in the back of a limo with an expectation that the conversation was private, Hillary's husband Bill was confronted with multiple accusations of having actually having engaged in several actual, unwelcome "feel-ups" of women, INCLUDING THE VERY SERIOUS ACCUSATION OF THE RAPE OF JUANITA BRODERICK, WHO IS NOT ONLY FEMALE BUT AFRICAN-AMERICAN INTO THE BARGAIN! In all of these instances, Hillary coordinated attacks on the accusers. In fact, as an attorney in Arkansas Hillary managed to get a man off on a technicality in the rape of a TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD. She later laughed about it. 

Donald Trump engaged in what is commonly known as "locker room banter" and got caught on an open mike. Hillary Clinton is an accessory after the fact in several cases of sexual assault of a female. 

Now who's the one who's a danger to women and girls?? 

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