Saturday, August 27, 2016


At first, the Left said Donald Trump was not a "serious" candidate. As the summer of 2015 went on, they said he was "summer entertainment" and would be abandoned the day after Labor Day when folks got down to brass tacks. 

That didn't happen. And Trump was a real bastard toward his Republican rivals, sometimes to an off-putting degree. Yet he proved unstoppable, and won the nomination. 

The Left and the Democrat Party (but we repeat ourselves) freaked. They busily wagged their fingers at the Republicans, admonishing them of "down-ballot" damage and predicting an across-the-board Democrat sweep if Trump was supported. 

That didn't work, so now they're trying to portray Trump as - what else? - a "racist". 

But Trump said in a speech that "That's their playbook. When they got  nothin' then they call you a racist"

The Dems are beaucoup pissed at Trump because he called their cards in front of African-Americans. He (quite accurately) said that they promise black folks a lot, but only keep them in a low state and dependent while expecting them to vote in lockstep with the Party.  

Trump is the first Republican in a while to call bullshit on the Democrats. And no Republican has ever done it so openly and forcefully since Ronald Reagan. And the Democrats are trembling and terrified. 

We cannot wait for the debates. Trump won't hit Hillary with everything but the kitchen sink; he'll hit her with that, too; and then he'll shove it right up her ass. 

All the talking heads on both ends of the political spectrum cannot grasp what is going on. There is a revolution being fought in American politics. We the People are tired of (to paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke) one bunch of elites telling us that government can make us smarter, better off, more attractive and get the crabgrass out of our lawns; and another bunch of elites telling us that government doesn't work and then getting elected and proving it. We are thirsting for a real leader. 

Donald Trump is assuredly not Ronald Reagan come back to life. But he is the Man of the Hour. 

Get used to the phrase: "PRESIDENT TRUMP"!

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