Sunday, August 14, 2016


In 1972, I was taught by the United States Air Force Security Police how to deal with a riot situation. This was the formula:

Have a large force of troops armed with rifles form up before the mob. Have them fix bayonets and hold the bladed weapons high, then bring them down to where the bayonets are at throat level, with the rifle butt tucked into the right groin. Next, advance by stomping the left foot and dragging the right foot (Called "stomping dragons) in a wedge or echelon formation to force the mob to split up down adjoining streets. When an element of rioters splits off, have an element of the riot control force send a wedge formation after them and force that group to split up until you have a small enough group to deal with. 

A modern innovation which was not available in 1972 is the "paintball" gun filled with balls containing pepper gas. These cannot be picked up and thrown back, and are very effective. Also effective are "water cannons" shooting high-pressure streams of water to knock rioters off their feet. Also, these can be used to put out any fires the mob tries to set. Grenade launchers firing nylon "baton rounds" can also be employed. 

Everything I have cited here is properly described as deadly force. which is only to be used against deadly force. But when you join a mob intent on destruction and mayhem, YOU BECOME DEADLY FORCE. If you riot, then be grateful if the police follow my recommendations and do not use flame-throwers, which in my opinion would be totally justified. 

I am not here saying that people cannot assemble and demand redress of grievance. But if one asshole throws one rock into one store window: if one moron tries to overturn one car, if one cretin tries to set a dumpster on fire and roll it into the police lines: then YOU as part of that MOB become DEADLY FORCE, and may be dealt with accordingly.  In such a case, you have one option: Run home, or face the consequences. Once it's a riot, then if you remain you are a rioter. 

That ought to be pretty damn clear.

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