Sunday, August 21, 2016


There are damn few things we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop agree on with the Left. But turning over part of the criminal justice system to private for-profit enterprises like the Correctional Corporation of America is definitely one of them. The federal government has decided to end this hideous perversion once and for all, and we hope the several States will follow suit. 

A person sentenced to a term of confinement should not be sold to some business concern as a cash cow. He or she is in the custody of the rest of us, and should be tended to by the rest of us. Complaints of maltreatment should be answerable by the government - which is US - and not by some faceless boardhis of directors of some private concern. 

This is not to say we have a soft spot for rapists and murderers. We do not. But fobbing off our responsibilities in the correction of misbehavior and the punishment of crime to a private entity is  just one step away from selling people into slavery. We fought a very costly war over that issue, and it's a bad idea to let that camel get its nose under the tent, for whatever reason.

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