Sunday, August 7, 2016


Gentle readers, your beloved editor (moi) is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force. My own father manned the dorsal turret of a B-24 heavy daylight bomber over among other targets the Ploesti oil fields. So you can bet I looked long and hard about Donald Trump's handling of Mr. Khan's scolding of Trump at the Democrat National Convention. 

Mr. Khan's son is an American hero. He gave his life for this country. And we all owe Mr. Khan a debt of thanks for raising up such a fine young man, so dedicated to his country that he gave the last full measure of devotion. 

However, having given this great nation such a hero does not excuse him for using this position to stand before the nation and spout a bunch of malarkey. I have often said, when some decorated veteran begins spouting American Statist Progressive boilerplate, that it is important to remember that Benedict Arnold also had a chest full of decorations. 

Trump was right to answer Mr. Khan forcefully. Khan mouthed Democrat half-truths and lies, and used the death of his son in the service of our Republic as a shield. But Trump could have prefaced his response with an acknowledgement of the younger Khan's service and sacrifice, along with an acknowledgement of the grief of the Khan family. 

Then, in Ohio (I think) a combat-wounded veteran presented Donald Trump with his Purple Heart medal, to show that the Vet had confidence in Trump. 

In response, Trump stepped all over his own dick.

First, he asked the Vet if the medal was "a copy". Sheesh. 

Second, he said "I've always wanted a Purple Heart." WHAT?? HEY DONALD! NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY WANTS TO GET A PURPLE HEART. Unless you are Secretary of State John Kerry, you don't get a Purple Heart from getting rice grains blown into your ass from an RPG exploding in a stack of rice bags 25 yards away. Most guys who get a Purple Heart need morphine and stitches at a minimum and a prosthesis or a lifetime on a ventilator (or worse) at a maximum. 

Third, he put the medal in his pocket. NO, NO, NO.  

Had I been Donald Trump when that wounded veteran gave me that Purple Heart, here's what I'd have said:

"Thank you for your service, Sir.' (Turning to the audience and holding up the medal) 'Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Citizens, some of you may not know what a Purple Heart is. This decoration is given to American service members who were wounded while doing battle in our common defense. The Purple Heart medals being handed out to this day were struck in anticipation of the wounded our forces would suffer in the invasion of the Japanese home islands in World War II. I am greatly honored that this man, who suffered in our defense, has awarded me custody of the honor due him.' (Turning back to the Veteran) "Sir, when I am President this medal will be displayed in the Smithsonian Museum's section on the American armed forces, along with a description of what it was awarded for; and it will be described as being on loan from you. Please go with my aide so he can set up a private dinner for you and your immediate family with myself and my loved ones tonight before I leave this State."

Then I would have summoned an aide, given the aide the medal and have the aide accompany the vet offstage to arrange the dinner, no doubt to massive applause.

Make no mistake, Gentle Readers; Donald Trump still has the enthusiastic endorsement of myself and the Alexandria Daily Poop (and we are quite sure he is basking in the glow). But  a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. If Trump would figure that out, his problems would disappear. Right now it's the Bastard versus the Bitch.  If Trump learns how to sweeten his approach as I have just shown, it'll be Prince Charming Vs. the Evil Witch. 

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