Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well, Gentle Readers; first there were Ron Brown and Vince Foster when Hil's lecherous hubby was in office. 

There are others, including the American intel asset hanged by Iran the other day, who we now find was mentioned in Hillary's "public secret" E-mails. 

Most recently, a Democrat National Committee staffer was shot to death while on his way to meet with agents of the FBI to discuss Hillary. It was NOT - as Hillary and her factotums would have you believe - a robbery. The staffer's watch, cash, and credit cards were all found on his dead person.  

Some years ago, I had a passenger in my cab comment on a clutch of murders committed in and around Little Rock, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor in that state. She said that her husband turned white and said: "They're cleaning house".

A few days later, she told me, her husband was found shot to death. 

I don't remember whether it was Dinesh D'Souza who said this or if it was "toe sucker" Dick Morris. But someone said that when you deal with Obama you are dealing with a Marxist ideologue. But if you are dealing with the   Clintons, you're dealing with Bonnie and Clyde.

Given the body count, it sounds about right.  

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