Saturday, August 27, 2016


Well, here we are at the start of yet another school year, and now the campaign of the Left to indoctrinate little kids that a boy who thinks he's a girl or a girl who thinks she's a boy has NO problems, and if you think he/she does, then YOU have a problem is in full swing.  

The new mantra is that sex is "not between the legs but between the ears".  Well, we guess that if one is talking blow jobs, that's at least close to being right. But how freaking ridiculous can this situation become? 


Down in Glouchester, Virginia there's some chick who wants to dress in the boy's locker room. Now, in this case we don't see much of a problem with the possibility of illicit sex taking place,as the young lady in question is pretty damn ugly. But if she's attracted to girls, she's just a bull dagger dyke. But if her "Transgender boy" self is a homo boy, PROBLEM. 

But we are continually admonished by "experts" who have earned a sheepskin from some leftie university that this is really all very normal and the deviants are those of us who think that all this "transgender" babble is crazy talk. 

A few months ago, the Washington Post had an article about twin brothers in Maine, one of whom is now a "post-operative" transgender "female".  The other brother is completely normal (and accepting of his "sister"). The article had a photo of the two of them on a dock in Maine; the normal one looking normal and the "trans" one showing off his tits in a tight sweater and standing there in open-top high heeled clogs that showed off his BIG CLUNKY MAN-FEET. 

The article went on in some length to explain that the different ingredients in the hormonal soup a baby swims in before birth can influence mental sexual development while the genes dictate physical development. THEY DID NOT EXPLAIN HOW THE ONE BOY TURNED OUT "TRANS" WHILE THE OTHER BOY IS NORMAL, EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH WERE BATHED IN THE SAME HORMONAL SOUP BEFORE BIRTH. One thing in the article was very revealing, however. 

It was reported that at the age of three, the "trans" twin asked his mother when his penis was going to fall off. 

Mothers, tell me: Is this a question a little 3-year-old boy would ask on his own? SOMEBODY DID SOMETHING TO THAT LITTLE BOY. 

In any case, we simply cannot be having physical boys showering with physical girls and vice-versa. It's lunacy. It defies common sense. 

And yet, the vast majority of the folks who support this lunacy also rabidly support what they call "common sense" restrictions on firearms rights. These assholes wouldn't know common sense from a hole in the ground. Sheesh.

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