Saturday, October 27, 2012


I am not a "native" Ohioan, having been born in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, my family moved to the Dayton area when I was a second-grader; and it is Ohio that I go to when I want to recharge what I am made of. Even though I have lived in Virginia since I was 21 - and thus most of my adult life - my formative years were spent in southwest central Ohio.
Four years ago I was shocked to see my home state tumble to the political onslaught of a man I knew to be a damned socialist, Barack Hussein Obama. But on reflection I realized that the People of Ohio were in dire straits and had been taken in by the siren song of "hope and change". 
I have a ton of credibility in this regard. In my teen years I saw the fears of the working class realized as one major industry after another shut down. I know why Ohio went for Obama in 2008. It was because things had gotten really bad and - according to Midwestern political orthodoxy - if the one party can't fix things, then it's time to give the other party a shot.
And so, Ohio, you went for Obama. He has failed you miserably (as he has ditto miserably failed the rest of the nation). After he had gotten your votes, he forgot about you. Oh, sure - he claims he has revived the auto industry. But he did that by forcing Chrysler and GM into Chapter 11 bankruptcy after taking control of them. (Funny thing, he said he was taking control to save them from bankruptcy!).  Ford didn't accept Obama's "help", and also went through Chapter 11; and is today light years more viable than Chrysler OR GM.
Obama's "plan for the future" is nothing more than four more years of the same downward spiral he has accelerated in his first term. All the crap in his latest "my plan for America" crapola ad is the same damned thing he ran on in 2008, just re-worded.
Obama's appeal to Ohio is a plea to submit yourselves to complete dependence on the Federal government, headed by him. The man actually thinks it is an achievement of his to have increased the numbers of food-stamp recipients. 
Obama and his Democrat masters have as their goal COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOU AND EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIVES!! They actually welcome abject poverty in that it enables them to make a lot of promises to get you out of it... if you just do as you are told.
Obama and his Democrat Party masters are some of the most insidious and evil people ever to walk the face of this planet. Ohio, take a sober look at all this and you have to admit it is true. Look at the way he campaigned in Elkhart, Indiana; talking to RV plant employees about how he was so dismayed that the Elkhart Winnebago plant was shutting down.  Then, out of the other side of his mouth he says that his administration would seek to make energy prices SKYROCKET. He appointed an Energy Dept. Seceratary Steven Chu who stated that he wanted to see US gas prices at FIVE BUCKS A GALLLON! 
Expensive gasoline was a major factor in the shutdown of the RV plant in Elkhart.
Need we go on here?
Ohio, Obama is playing you for FOOLS! On November 6th, tell him you aren't buying his line of crap and KICK HIM BACK TO CHICAGO.
Please tell me that the state I grew up in has not been completely taken over by fools. Apparently Obama thinks so. First Tuesday in November, Ohio, show him who the fool is and hust how wrong he can be.

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