Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We haven't posted here in a while because we have been absorbing the results of last week's debate between Mitt Romney and Mr. Obama. Romney whipped Obama's ass in front of the entire nation, and now the entire Democrat machine is in full damage control mode.
The Democrat reaction to the debate is best characterized as basically what a sore loser in a poker game does, claiming that his opponent should have folded on the fourth card instead of hanging on to be saved by the river.
Romney said during the debate that one way he would cut spending would be to defund PBS,  The Democrat response to this has been to air a ridiculous ad about protecting Big Bird. Big Bird! Hells bells, people. Big Bird alone makes billions for PBS every stinking year, and they still wanna pick my pocket for tax funding? Fuck Big Bird.
More than that, the latest "jobs report" just came out, putting unemployment at 7.5%; and Obama and his pack of liars are crowing about unemployment being "below eight percent".  For all the cash they threw at it and for all the debt increase, that's the best they can do? It's totally unaccepable.
I have referred to the Democrat Party in the past as the "Demon-Ratz", and as this campaign draws close to the finish, they will fight like the dirty rats they are. Listen to Obama crow about how everything is coming up roses after all. Look for his toadies in the media to not only not call him on his bullshit but to report it as fact. Their candidate - and they in general - were exposed in that debate as the frauds they are. They are panicking. Their dream of tearing down our Republic and reducing us under their tyranny is teetering before their eyes.
Obama's campaign fundraising is coming under scrutiny, There is a growing suspicion that he is actively soliciting foriegn campaign donors. Obama is a dirty, sleazy rat and so are his co-conspirators in the media and the Democrat Party. This election can and - God willing - will stop them cold. Job one in saving this country is getting this piece of SHIT out of the White House, and getting a conservative majority in the House and Senate.
This is the home stretch, people. The rats are playing for keeps. So must we. They will use every dirty trick in the book to fool people into buying their line of crap. DON'T believe the "polls" ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  DON'T allow yourself to be discouraged. Even if on Election Day Eve all the polls say Romney is tanking, get out and vote like hell. And if these polls say Romney is a shoo-in, still, don't think it's in the bag. Nothing is in the bag until the votes are counted.
Make yourself count, and VOTE.
It's on.

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