Monday, October 1, 2012


Full disclosure, the headline to this post is a direct quote from D.C. area talk host Chris Plante, who is of course brilliant - and right.
During today's show he pointed out that even though Bin Laden is dead, his number two Zawahiri has taken his place.
Zawahiri is a member of the "Muslim Brotherhood" which - thanks to Obama's inept foreign policy - now controls Egypt. Also and again thanks to Obama's ineptitude, Libya and several other nations are poised for a "Muslim Brotherhood" takeover.
It is as if Obama is walking up to the new leaders of these nations and saying: "Hey! I killed your best bud! Now we can be best buds!" 
Bin Laden is dead, he's been replaced like a rattlesnake's broken fang, the war goes on, and Obama STILL thinks we can make nice with these animals.
And GM and Chrysler struggle to get the yoke of government control off their necks, and Ford Motors - which rejected that yoke and therefore Obama's "help" - is doing fine.
We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop DEFY OBAMA to tell us ONE good reason we should vote him ANOTHER four years. And the idiotic statement that he "saved us from even worse losses" is unprovable at best and utter bullshit, more likely; and it is our opinion that the disaster and the disgraceful catastrophe that has been the Obama "presidency" was and is an attempt to tear down this Republic and rebuild it in the image of a Communist utopia. Look at Cuba and China, and if you want to live there, then vote for Obama.
Or, better still, MOVE.

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