Sunday, October 21, 2012


With the shysters who run the Democrat Party, this election is a bit like selling a lemon used car. (Actually more than a bit.) Anybody who has ever been on a sleazy used car lot knows that the faster the salesman tries to rush you to a decision, the greater the probability that the damn car has sawdust in the transmission or worse.  So no damned wonder the Democrat Party has been trying to shove "absentee" ballots in as many hands as possible and get those votes cast early (and they cannot be taken back).

The test drive of the Obamabile was not at all satisfying, but the Democrat Used President Lot is trying to fob this off as due to "bad weather". They know you've been looking at the roomy Romney family sedan and want you to make a decision before you try the Romney sedan and find you like how it drives you to where the weather is better.

So much for metaphors. Face it, folks. The faster the Democrats want you to make your choice, the more you can be certain that they want that choice made before any more people find out how bad Obama is and how good a choice Romney will be. As this election goes to the wire, Obama keeps looking worse and worse and Romney looks better and better.
On the other hand, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we view this as a trial. We urge you, unless you genuinely need to cast an early absentee ballot, to WAIT UNTIL ALL THE EVIDENCE IS IN. That moment will arrive when the polls open on November 6th.
And we say this even though we are CERTAIN that "if the election were held today" as they say, Romney would kick Obama's ass from Sea to shining Sea and back. Fox News isn't the only outfit that's "fair and balanced". So is the Alexandria Daily Poop.

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