Sunday, July 2, 2017


After the near-massacre at Simpson Field here in Alexandria, the local Democrat Party organization sought out a "Useful Idiot" in the Republican Party to help spin the near-tragedy (which was committed by an ASP gunman; which fact the Dems want you to forget). 

So they had this Republican dude say some blather about how bad "hate" is, and he and some ASP hung a big banner above the bleachers at Simpson Field that says "REJECT HATE". 

Meanwhile of course the Left is engaged in an effort to link the word "hate" exclusively to the Republicans and the Right. They want so many as possible to see that banner and think it was some conservative "hater" who shot up the ballpark. It wasn't. It was some Bernie Sanders fan who the police put out of our misery.

Now President Trump has come up with another of his "tweets" that has the Left in an uproar (as Trump intended).  They are saying all over that Trump is degrading the Presidency and he's "vulgar". We rather doubt that he's summoning young interns into the Oval Office to suck his dick. And vulgar? The Left are some of the most vulgar people in this country. 

And they are being exposed by themselves as the hypocrites they are, not in small part when they react to one of Trump's "tweets". It drives them nuts that when in the past they pulled their shaming routine on a Republican he would just cave and play right into their hands. But not Donald Trump.

Trump used to be a Democrat, so he knows their playbook. And unlike other Republicans, if someone throws a bag of mud at him, he'll throw a flaming bag of dog shit at them. And The People having seen the way these ASPs lie are delighted to see these smarmy bullies and un-American cretins being exposed for what they are. They bitch about the way Trump responds to them, not knowing that he was elected to do just that. This is getting good...

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